Senior Tutors, Apostles and Bishops all met on the 3rd day at the Republic Hall in Kumasi
4 December 2021

Senior trainers in Ghana were invited for a Train Senior Trainers (TST) seminar at the Republic Hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, from 23rd to 25th November 2021. District Elder Oehler (retired), Head of Seminar Supervision Team from Germany was the resource person. He was supported by Bishop Charles Asare, the new Head of Seminars in Ghana. All other Apostles and Bishops in Ghana who are not trainers, and had a special seminar from the afternoon of 25th and 26th November, 2021.

This occasion was to be the last time Bishop Ampadu (retired) would be involved as he finally bowed out as the Head of Seminars in Ghana. Incidentally; it was also the last time District Elder Oehler (retired) would join seminar trainings in Ghana. Lead Apostles Oppong-Brenya and Ohene-Saffo were present throughout both seminars (TST and Apostles’ & Bishops’).

As a precautionary measure, every participant was tested for Covid-19 at the meeting hall and fortunately, no one tested positive.

Introduction of New Tutors
Some younger brothers were introduced as new assistants to the Senior Tutors and also representatives from their respective Apostle areas.  District Elder Oehler was very happy about their enthusiasm, talents and active participation at the seminar. He commended them at the end of programme and wished them success in their endeavours.

Message from the District Apostle

A video message of encouragement from District Apostle Michael Ehrich was played and was received with joy by everyone.


Subjects treated were:
* Status of Sunday School/Confirmation Status, Seminars Status, Planning and Quick report;
* Material Support Admin, adjusted material, Text Hymnal, Ministers’ Guide
* New formats for Beginners/Masters, Sisters, Leading Ministers
* Liturgy clarification (mainly Ghana)
* Doctrine development and transfer

Other lessons treated were: Confirmation, Basic 3 and Minister 1.