The decorated altar at Ho Central
21 October 2021

“We plow the fields and scatter the good seeds on the land, but it is fed and watered by God’s Almighty hand, He sends the snow in winter, the warmth to swell the grains...” sang the Ho Central congregation as they opened the special Thanksgiving Divine service for this year.

The service was led by Apostle Richard Senyo Osei on Sunday, October 3rd, 2021. It also served as a memorial and thanksgiving for a faithful brother, Priest Christian Abotsi, who was laid to rest the previous day.

The text word for this festive service was based on Genesis 2:3 “Then God blessed the seventh day and satisfied it, because in it He rested from all His work which God has created and made”.

In commencement, the Apostle welcomed brethren into the house of God as “it is good to come into His presence to give thanks. Today is a very special day purposely set aside for children of God to give thanks through our deeds and also through our work”.

He continued: “It is the belief of people in the New Apostolic faith that God is the creator of the universe and everything that is in it. This means that God ended His work on the last day of His creation and has taken the responsibility to take care of them in truth. We need to give special thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ through praise, worship, and honour because through Him we have attained eternal life, through which the Church of Christ has been established. Let us show gratitude to the Holy Spirit for transforming our ways into the likeness of Christ.”

Thanksgiving has core theme; to appreciate the good things that your someone has done for you, explained the Apostle. To treat Thanksgiving as one of the important aspects of serving God, we must appreciate what God has done through His Son and the Apostles. He created the heavens and the earth. And being content and fulfilled in His creation, He rested. His grace, guidance and protection, the things we see, and those unseen around us in our everyday lives must impress on us to always show appreciation to God. We must bring our burnt and thanks offering into His house. Let our thanksgiving be a covenant between God and man.     

Honour God’s Creation
“Give honour to the creation of God, for it is part of thanksgiving. Give thanks to God by showing respect to one another since man is the greatest creation of God”. The Apostle cautioned the congregation not to discriminate against their neighbour, making reference to the gospel according to Luke 6:31, “And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise”

Another way to thank God is through our work, explained the Apostle. “Whatever you are doing, remember it is for God and not for man. Help in building the church through your evangelism, building capacity of the young people, Sunday school, Choir and the elderly as all these contribute to working in the house of God. Do not see work as curse from God but rather thanksgiving to God.”

Remember the Sabbath day
In his conclusion, the Volta Central Apostle encouraged the faithfuls to remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy, and in high esteem. “Let us come to God’s house to thank Him since it is the day Jesus Christ resurrected. No matter our busy schedules, we must always remember the Sabbath day and always make it a point to come into His presence. Utilizing the Sabbath day well means we are telling God ‘Thank you’. Give God a little more of your time.”  

District Evangelist Gbey assist the service.

After divine service, the Apostle introduced the newly elected youth leaders to the congregation.