The decorated altar for the divine service
12 October 2021

First week of October is chosen as a harvest day for most New Apostolic Church globally. On this special day being the 3rd of October this year. A special Thanksgiving Divine Service was held at the Tarkwa Congregation in the Takoradi Area by Apostle George Sam and supported by District Rector Samuel Agyapong and Deputy District Rector Paul Awuah.

The bible text  for the service was taken from Genesis 2: 3, ‘Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made’.

The Apostle began: “Last year when the pandemic was rife, we were all worried and scared. But our Lord has been through every day with us till now; so therefore we must come to Him with thankfulness.”

Explaining the bible verse, the Apostle said that God has designed the seventh day as rest day for Himself and us, just as New Apostolic Church believers have also made first week of October as Thanksgiving Day for Christ and His church. Christ Himself had already made a sacrifice for us by being crucified. Our sacrifice for today shows the love we have for Christ. Earlier today, most of us had already made sacrifices in terms of sweeping, arranging chairs, decorating the premises and other necessary things.

Our gifts to our Lord today must be of a sacrifice made with clean heart, said the Apostle. “God blesses cheerful giving; He did it for Noah, Abraham and Abel. We must desist from all evil deeds and obey the commandments of God; this will make our Thanksgiving today a blissful one.”
Apostle Sam concluded: “Let us keep on having faith in Christ and continue the fellowship with the Apostles till Jesus returns again.”

After the divine service, a farewell presentation was made to Brother Isaac, for his commitment and dedication to supporting divine services at the Tarkwa congregation as an organist. Brother Isaac has just completed a 4-year undergraduate course at the University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa (UMaT).  Despite his hectic study schedule, he always made time for the Tarkwa congregation. He returns to Accra, to fellowship with Madina Congregation.