“Accept thou our thanks offering Lord”: the decorated altar at the Hohoe congregation
11 October 2021

There are varied reasons why one may express gratitude to the other. However, fundamental of these, is the fact that, the fellow had experienced and recognized the worth of a gesture from another person. This expression of gratitude comes forth out of a joyful heart. In recognition of God’s love and grace, we express our gratitude through our special offerings on Thanksgiving Day; giving back to the Lord a fragment of that which we have received from Him.

For the thanksgiving service on Sunday October 4, 2021, Apostle Timothy Akubia served the over 105 members at our church in Hohoe.

The service was based on a text from 2 Corinthians 9:8, “And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.”.

Why do we thank God?
To some the answer to this question is simply because they live and enjoy progress in their human endeavours. To us, children of God, our reason is much weightier; the Lord has granted us the grace to have come unto the path of salvation! said the Apostle in his opening words.

Sufficiency of all things
We have received adequate gifts for our well-being. All things are in the Lord’s hands. He grants us all good gifts necessary for our material and spiritual development in its right measure at all times.

The Apostle stated that, God’s goodness and grace must be reflected upon during the feast of Thanksgiving. This ignites a sincere grateful attitude in our heart. On the earthly front, the Apostle mentioned that we recognize these in that, He;
* cares for the earth and the creatures thereon;
* blesses our works;
* grants us strength;
* provides us with a society to live in and have fellowship;
* gives us commandments which in effect ensures peaceful coexistence.

There is also abundance of spiritual gifts at our disposal for which we express our gratitude today. The Lord provides:
* access to salvation through the salvific sacrifice of Jesus Christ;
* nourishment through the word;
* the sacraments which are essential for our redemption;
* love and forgives our sins
* us with fellowship through grace

Our good works
Having been granted abundant grace with the necessities of earthly and spiritual life, one is expected to do good works for the Lord. This Apostle Akubia stated that we do through the expression of thanksgiving in our offering, use of the natural resources but with regard to the needs of our fellow humans, observing the commandments of God and spreading the gospel of grace to our neighbour.
The Apostle further entreated members to eschew sin, serve the Lord, trust in Him and prepare themselves for His return. “These also constitute good works” he averred.

Rounding up the sermon, the Apostle stated, “We owe our Heavenly Father a great deal of thanksgiving for the abundance of grace, not only in good times but also in difficult times. Let us give thanks to the Lord not only now, but at all times”.

The service was supported by District Rector Christopher Xa and Deputy District Rector Solomon Gottah.

Thanksgiving Day in Volta North
Members across the Volta North Apostle area expressed their thanksgiving at their various congregations full of joy and gratitude.