Deputy District Rector Joseph Gyimah
8 October 2021

Thanksgiving Service is celebrated every year by the New Apostolic Church across the world, typically on the first Sunday in October. However, this may differ according to the agricultural and economic seasons within a particular locality.

This year was no different for the Nkawkaw Central congregation as members celebrated their Thanksgiving on the 3rd October, 2021. The service was conducted by Deputy District Rector Joseph Gyimah.

The text word was taken from Psalm 98:2 "Oh, sing to the Lord a new song! Sing to the Lord all the earth”.

Highlighting on the text word, Deputy District Rector Gyimah expressed his joy for seeing members come in their numbers to embrace the occasion. He congratulated them and wished them God’s blessings. “God is good all the time and even within this pandemic, God has given as all He needs to provide and for that He deserves to be thanked.”

The Deputy District Rector entreated every member to be happy and also to give with a cheerful heart because that is what God wants. He added that Cain and his brother, Abel, went to offer a thanksgiving offering to God. However, Cain's offer was rejected by God and thus could not find favour in the eyes of God. He explained that if anyone wants God to accept his or her offering, then one must present offerings in a cheerful manner, no matter how small; God prefers a cheerful giver.

The Deputy District Rector explained to the congregants never to allow themselves to be possessed by the spirit of Cain which is envy and lies. He said when that occurs, then the tunnel through which blessings come from will be closed. “Are you all happy? Are you all singing a new songs to God? Brothers and sisters, let us do it because Thanksgiving comes with many packages from God” concluded the Deputy District Rector as he ended the service.

The divine service was supported by District Rector Awuah, Shepherd Eric Donkor and Priest Frank Ahenkorah all of Nkawkaw district.