District Rector Adjei blessing the confirmands
12 September 2021

This year, 22 young brothers and sisters of the Accra East district, graduated from the Confirmation Class and said their vows on 20th June at the Tema Congregation.

In what will eventually be his last confirmation divine service, District Rector Ebenezer Felix Adjei served and blessed the confirmands with the verse from Apostle Paul’s second epistle to the church in Thessalonica: “But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one.”

After the service, NAC-Ghana interacted with a few of the confirmands; Daniella Jonhson and Godfred Botwe (Osu), Faustina Afari and Samuel Kofi Baah (Teshie 1) as well as Doreen Amenya (Ashaiman).

NAC-Ghana: Congratulations, how do you feel about today?

Daniella: It’s a great feeling. I feel I am now mature enough to enter the youth.
Faustina: I am very happy and feel great. I could recite the vow and could relate all I have been taught in confirmation class.
Doreen: I feel very great and I thank everyone for making today happen.
Godfred: I also feel very happy today. I feel I am on my way to achieve my aim in Christ. I love this confirmation.
Samuel: I feel very happy. I will remember this day for the rest of my life.

NAC-Ghana: What do you make of our District Rector’s message?

Doreen: It was a good message about staying faithful and true to our vows.
Faustina: The preaching felt special and good today. I learnt that we should be truthful. We must not do evil but do good every day.

NAC-Ghana: Now that you have become a youth, how would you like to contribute to the church?

Doreen: I want to join the choir. I want to sing bass. (she says amid laughter)
Daniella: Well, maybe join the choir, and always be relevant in church.
(Godfred had an interesting and hopeful expectation in response to the last question by NAC-Ghana)
Godfred: “I want to be part of the choir, especially the youth choir.”
NAC-Ghana:  Godfred, which part would you like to sing; treble, alto or tenor?
Godfred: Maybe the bass.
NAC-Ghana: Oh wow. But you have a small voice for bass?
Godfred: No, no. Now I am not fully matured from adolescence and I am still developing. So yes, I will get the voice.”

We hope so too Brother Godfred. Hopefully Shepherd Okyere (Accra East Choir leader) and Priest Tetteh (a pillar of rich baritone voice for the Accra East choir) will be happy to nurture you onto the pews for the bass singers.