The Apostles and Bishops ready for the meeting
28 August 2021

On the eve of the Special Divine Service at the Accra Central congregation, District Apostle Michael Ehrich met the Apostles and Bishops of Ghana to discuss a few issues. The meeting was held on 21st August, 2021, at the Erata Hotel, Accra.

The key points of the meeting covered the following:

* The District Apostle’s gratitude

The South Germany District Church leader, Michael Ehrich, was thankful to the Apostles and Bishops for the great work done in keeping the congregations active and attending divine services through the COVID pandemic.

He also shared his believe that the culture of Ghanaians also promotes our desire for communal living and hence, physical fellowship at divine services. Unfortunately, the situation is very different in Europe, he stated. Members prefer to rather experience divine services from their homes, rather than enjoy the essence of fellowship in the Holy Communion at divine services.

* Retirement of Apostle for Wiawso Working Area Apostle

The retirement of Apostle Edward Hayford Nzimah was confirmed.

* Ordination of a new Apostle for Wiawso Working Area

District Evangelist Augustus Adika-Lavoe was confirmed as the nominated Apostle to be ordained for Wiawso Working Area.

* Retirements, Appointments and Assignments

Also discussed were the retirement of District Rectors as well as the appointments and assignments of District Rectors and Deputy District Rectors respectively.

* Oneness of the Apostles

The District Apostle also took some time to exhort the Apostolate in Ghana to remain united and with one mind. He picked a text from John 17: 21-23, based on which he stressed the need for the Apostles to be with one mind in carrying out their commission and mandate.