The Ministers’ Wives Group, Accra, donated over 1,500 pieces of sanitary pads to 200 ladies of the KTK in the Winneba East district
19 August 2021

Many adolescent girls struggle with the issues surrounding menstruation on monthly basis. Unfortunately, matters associated with menstruation are never discussed openly and the seeming silence burdens young girls by keeping them ignorant.

Thankfully, the generosity of a voluntary Ministers’ Wives Group (Accra), made it possible to provide the much-needed information and support to young girls in the Kwesi Twi Krom (KTK) in the Winneba East district on Sunday 25 July, 2021, after a divine service with Bishop Charles Asare.

Sanitary Pad Donation
The Ministers’ Wives Group (Accra) as the name suggests, comprises the wives of ministers within the Accra Apostle area. Their primary goal is to save the dignity of New Apostolic Church girls by supporting adolescent girls with menstrual health education, personal training, mentorship programs and sanitary pads.

Led by Sister Betty Ohene-Saffo, wife of Lead Apostle Benjamin Ohene-Saffo, the group turned their focus to the Kwesi Twi Krom congregation to educate, inform and support girls within the district.

Menstrual Health and Hygiene
The young sisters were educated on personal and menstrual hygiene practices to promote good health. The girls were advised against unhygienic practices such as using materials like rags, toilet rolls, old cloths for the absorption of menstrual blood in place of sanitary pads, reuse of the same pad during menstruation which leads to many health-related issues. Sisters Dr Sheila Bediako-Poku and Mavis Kankam Okyere, a nurse, were the facilitators of this section.

Sexual Misconduct
Speaking on sexual misconduct, sisters Victoria Asare and Florence Mensah explained that sexual misconduct occurs when a person uses his/her authority or position or influence to sexually abuse another person (victim) either directly or through indirect sexual advances. They also reemphasised the Church’s unequivocal position on all forms of sexual misconduct.

Good Morals and Ethics
In teaching girls how to live a life of good morals and ethics, sister Mary Opoku encouraged young girls to desist from all behaviours and social vices that are contrary to their faith in Jesus Christ.

Gratitude from beneficiaries
District Rector Timothy Quainoo was happy that his district was chosen for such a gesture. He, together with ministers and members of the district, thanked the Ministers Wives Group for the donation of these sanitary pads, emphasizing that the girls really needed them.

Some participants who had stopped fellowshipping with the Church but attended the event, promised to return to the church due to the kind gesture. Many guests at the event willingly decided to join the congregation and make NAC their chosen fellowship in the Lord.