Apostle Ashie Kotei at the altar
10 August 2021

Apostle Ashie Kotei of Cape Coast Apostle area, held a divine service on 27th June, 2021 at the Cape Coast Central Church on the occasion of preparation for service for the departed.

The bible text for the occasion was taken from Hosea 2:20, “I will betroth you to Me in faithfulness, and you shall know the Lord”.

Dwelling in Gods house
The Apostle in his opening remarks recalled how King David sang a hymn and said he will dwell in the House of the Lord forever. This was because King David had protection, love, blessings, strength and wisdom from the House of the Lord. “We too are to long for these as long as we live”, he emphasized.

He further described death as; the separation of the soul and spirit from the body (physical), the separation of man from God (spiritual), and the eternal death (eternal separation of man from God on the judgement day) and hence entreated all members to draw close to our brothers and sisters who are no longer coming to church and invite them to church to save them from dying. “Let us continue to pray for them, let us continue to draw close to them and invite them to church to dwell with the Lord”, he asserted.

He also remarked that we should believe in God, and that we will certainly die so long as Jesus Christ is yet to come but we have a good news, and the good news is that we will have power to resurrect with a new body just as Jesus Christ also resurrected.

Marriage of the Congregation to the lamb

Apostle Ashie Kotei further emphasized in his sermon about marriage of the congregation to Jesus Christ, based on faith and love. He stressed that our God is filled with faith and love and that is why He is betrothing the church to His Son (Lamb). He recalled how the Israelites worshipped gods during their time, and said some are also worshipping money, power, our mobile phones and other assets as gods nowadays. He was marveled at how people can do whatever they can to obtain money, fame, and power, even if they have to kill a fellow brother.

In his closing remarks the Apostle stated that the Lord has saved us and has married us to the Lamb (Jesus Christ) and has chosen us as His Holy nation and is preparing us for the celebration of that marriage feast. “He (God) will be faithful even if we are faithless and sinful and that is why He always forgives us of our sins but that doesn’t mean that we should continue sinning”, he exclaimed. Apostle Ashie Kotei ended by pleading with God to be with us and help us to overcome all our challenges in these last days.

14 souls were sealed at the service.

The service was assisted by District Rectors Theophilus Owusu-Ansah and Emmanuel Quansah.