Apostle Asampong getting ready to serve. Next to him is Bishop Asare
2 August 2021

“Life begins at 40”, they say, but for Deputy District Rector of the Ahodwo District in the Koforidua Working Area, Alexander Kwesi Frimpong, life was complete at 40; he had finished his service to his Lord, and was ready to enter into the joy of His Lord.

An assistant district leader, trainer, father and husband; the departed Deputy District Rector was laid to rest in a divine service at Odeikrom, near Nsawam, by Apostle Robert Asampong on 3rd July 2021.

The funeral service was based on Matthew 25:21, “His lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.’”

The Apostle for the Koforidua Working Area, recalled the thoughts he had of the departed brother when he first selected him as an assistant in carrying out seminars: “I worked with Deputy District Rector (DDR) Frimpong for about 5 years. I needed an assistant to help with Seminars and so I chose him. However, I began to doubt my choice, because I thought he was too young for the role. ‘I could have selected older and more experienced minsters’, I thought almost regrettably.”

“But then I saw him flourish in the role; his attitude and skill at delivering seminars was astonishing for his age. Then I knew I had not erred in my choice. He was blessed with God-given talents to carry out his role to the very end. He taught and also preached the gospel with drive and passion.”

The Apostle continued: “Yes, he did all that was required of him yet the Lord may have cut short his life and service. On the face of it, it may seem very painful; a great depression may have been created in the family, in the church and indeed everywhere he lived his life. But let us rejoice in the fact that at the point of his death, he stood right with God.”

“Our faith tells us that death may claim his body, but his soul will continue to live”, said the Apostle. “We shall continue to love him in memory and we firmly believe that we shall rise with him on the day of the first resurrection.”

Concluding the sermon, Apostle Asampong said: “Yes, our brother was faithful over the few things given him; he worked diligently as a minister of the Lord. What have you done to the honour and glory of the Lord? We cannot carry along our earthly possessions to heaven, except for the word of God. Let us open our hearts to receive the gospel of Jesus as we continue to live here on earth.”

Deputy District Rector Alexander Kwesi Frimpong worked closely with Bishops Asare and Ampadu (rtd.) as part of the National Seminar Trainers in facilitating and delivering trainings to Sunday School teachers, youth leaders and ministers. For five years, he had also assisted Apostle Asampong in the Koforidua Apostle Working Area.