Priest Jonathan Afful, the facilitator for the seminar
29 July 2021

On 11th June, 2021, Priest Jonathan Afful facilitated a seminar for rectors in the Obuasi district. This was part of capacity building of rectors in the district.

The seminar tutor, Priest Afful, began the training with the topic on Leadership. He used a lot of examples to explain who a leader is and the character to be portrayed by a Rector to be able to achieve their stated goals. Ministers were made aware of the difference between a Rector and a Boss.

The seminar tutor highlighted key qualities the rector must exhibit as follows:
- Promoting the spiritual development of members
- Understanding the needs of souls
- He loves all members of the congregation without discrimination
- Promoting the interest of the church
- He is a faithful servant
- Representing the church to the public
- He cares for oneness

The tutor also shared some attributes of a boss that is not desired in a rector. The boss:
- seeks his own self interest
- sees his own views as more important
- sees himself as the final authority in decisions
- represents himself to the public instead of the church
- carries his own will thoughts
- is a ruler

Other topics discussed for the day were: Sexual misconduct, Soul care and Vineyard work program. Group work on qualities of a Rector were also done.