A view of the altar at Heidenheim
22 July 2021

On Sunday, 18 June 2021, District Apostle Michael Ehrich conducted a divine service from the church in Heidenheim, Germany. The divine service was transmitted via the internet to the District Apostle’s working area of which West Africa is included. The congregations in Ghana watched the service on Youtube.

He served with a word from Acts 2:42: “But they remained steadfast in the teaching of the apostles and in the community and in breaking bread and in prayer.”

The District Apostle explained that Jesus made this statement several times, and meant different things.

An attribute of the early church. The District Apostle explained that the first congregation in Jerusalem remained steadfast at all times. Remaining steadfast was their character and it should also be our attitude throughout our daily lives. Jesus told His disciples that there would be challenges in the future and that people would hate them because of Him, but those that will remain steadfast until the end will be saved.

There are a lot of outer influences coming to us, but it is up to us to remain steadfast and to be rooted in the faith. The doctrine of the apostles is the doctrine of Jesus Christ. The apostles are not allowed to have or promote their own doctrine. It is important that every minister works not on their own accord but with God. We cannot do anything without God.

We have one task and that is to promote Jesus’s doctrine. The doctrine of Jesus shows us how important fellowship is and how important it is to break bread and remain in prayer. Those who are steadfast in fellowship do not walk their own way. They remain committed to the fellowship and also remain steadfast in prayer experience God. This is something of foundational importance.

Our individual differences in the congregation are balanced in fellowship and you can benefit from the strength of others.

Awareness of Holy Communion is important. We cannot just get used to the celebration of the Holy Communion. We have to understand why we do it. It is a communion of remembrance.

Steadfastness is the crown of good deeds. God gives us the power and strength to remain steadfast. Remaining steadfast does not mean we do not change anymore. Our Heavenly Father expects us to change and develop to the status of Jesus Christ.

“Talk to Jesus; remain in conversation with Him and remain steadfast. Virtues such as faith, love and the hope of living without constancy cannot work”, the District Apostle concluded.

Apostle Martin Schnaufer, Apostle Manfred Schönenborn and Bishop Arne Herrmann supported in the service.