The Apostles going through the handwashing protocols
2 July 2021

It was time to receive the word, a time for the young ones who were prepared for this year’s confirmation to take their vow. “Great is thy faithfulness, Oh Lord God Almighty” sang the congregation to pave the way for the divine fellowship through the word and Holy sacraments led by Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya.

On Sunday 13th June, 2021, the Lead Apostle visited brothers and sisters of Kumasi Central Congregation on the occasion of the Confirmation of some children of the congregations within the Kumasi Apostle area. He was assisted by Apostle Osei-Du of Kumasi Apostle area and other District leaders.

He served with a passage from the Holy Scriptures taken from Isaiah 62:12, “And they shall call them the Holy People, the redeemed of the Lord and you shall be called sought out, a city not forsaken”

In his opening remarks, the Leader said, “We have journeyed over half a year so far in 2021, the past is gone and we have only the future ahead of us. We have heard of two paths-the narrow and the broad. On the broader one there are no rules but on the narrow, are those who are ready to follow Christ even in afflictions and hardships. We have come this far by the grace of God and we should all be thankful. Today too our children have been prepared to take their confirmation vow, they will resolve to serve the Lord Jesus Christ till the end and renounce Satan and all his works and ways.”

Let us shine …
With reference to a song sang by the choir “Now we are children of God (ref 1 John 3:2), the Lead Apostle compared those who want to see the Lord on His return to lighted bulbs which radiate to give light to all. “We have all received power to shine, with the nature of God in us, let us all shine so that when the Lord is revealed, we shall be like Him”.

The Lord will not forsake us…
On the bible text, the Apostle explained how God allowed the children of Israel to be taken into captivity into Babylon by the King Nebuchadnezzar as a result of their disobedience. Be careful not to leave the faith into any captivity only to regret later, it may be too late. God sent them words of comfort to the exiled through the Prophet Isaiah.

“In all our difficulties and challenges of life, the Lord through his Apostles comforts us with the words of God. Allow the Lord to have His way in us, commit all unto Him. God has not forsaken us.”

And they shall call them the Holy People…
The Leader explained that His Holy people is the church, the church is the Son of God, Jesus Christ and His church is Holy despite the imperfect members. His church is Holy and we shall continue to pursue Holiness. In His church we receive the Holy Sacraments: Water baptism, Holy Spirit baptism and Holy Communion which make our Lord Jesus Christ live in us and we in Him. Let us allow the Lord to dwell in us”

The word of God is Holy and must be accepted as such. We must not misconstrue holiness to mean physical neatness, it is the disposition of the heart in righteousness.

The most valuable inheritance we have as New Apostolics is our identity as children of God; God’s children, joint heirs with Christ. The foundation of the church is Christ.

Serve the Lord…
The Lead Apostle advised the congregation to faithfully use the gifts and talents given to them to serve the Lord. “Whoever preaches the word, sings, cleans the church should not become sluggish and weary but should continue in them. To everyone shall the Lord give a reward according to whatever he does. The preachers of the word, the cleaners who work in the chapel, the choristers, pianists, all who serve in the house of the Lord are all the same and are important in the sight of the Lord unless we are unfaithful.”

In conclusion, the Lead Apostle asked for the Lord’s blessing for all the confirmands. He also encouraged members to help along in the work of the Lord.

During the service, Brother Maxwell Anom was ordained as a Deacon for the Kumasi Central Congregation.