The Ministers welcome the Lead Apostle
21 June 2021

Lead Apostle Oppong-Brenya celebrated a divine service with the Nsuaem Congregation in the Dunkwa Apostle Area on June 6, 2021.  At this special service, about 100 members including children and confirmands gathered to receive blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ and share His word.

The text word for the service was taken from Romans 1: 5, “Through whom we have received grace and apostleship for obedience to the faith among all nations for his name”.

The Lead Apostle began his sermon by applauding members of the Nsuaem congregation for their faith in the Lord.  He then went on to highlight how special the day is for the confirmands: “Today is indeed a special day for our young ones who would be confirmed. Many of them were babies when their parents presented them before the altar to be baptized and even took communion on their behalf.  These parents through faith have raised up these children till today that they would vow and take responsibility for their own actions hereafter”, the Lead Apostle added.

The Lead Apostle recounted to members how people persecuted the Apostles of old after Christ ascended unto heaven.  Through fervent prayers, Christ led new Apostles to care for the church, that it may not die; that was the foundation of the New Apostolic Church.  “What does the church do?” he rhetorically asked.  The Church does the following things:

“We are witnesses of Jesus Christ:
* And of His birth
* that He died,
* He resurrected,
* He ascended unto Heaven,
* that He sits at the right hand of God,
* and that Jesus Christ shall return”

He continued: “Whoever does not believe in these cannot serve or follow Jesus Christ; this is the divine grace that is mentioned in the gospel and the commissioning of the Apostles to proclaim the love of Christ and one another throughout the world; it is now here with us at Nsuaem today.  We have salvation through our belief.  It is through the grace that we receive the forgiveness of sins through the Apostles and also receive Holy communion.”  

Ending his sermon, the Apostle admonished members to purge themselves of sin so that they will be like Christ.  “We received grace because of our belief; the Great Commissioning, the spread of the Gospel, Holy Baptism, Holy Sealing, Holy Communion, the Forgiveness of sin and the hope of the return of Christ. This is the work the present-day Apostles are carrying out till Christ returns.  You should all continue to share in the spread of this gospel that you have heard today”, the Lead Apostle added.

The sermon was supported by Apostle Benjamin Darko, District Rector Kingsford Ansah, District Rector Ampiah and Priest Koduah (Rector for Nsuaem)