Lead Apostles Oppong-Brenya and Ohene-Saffo with Bishop Asare and the other Apostles
16 June 2021

A life of five scores and one (101), one of labour and sorrow. But never did Sister Rose Asare Mankartah ask for eyes to see her enemies nor wings to fly away from her enemies. Rather, she asked for heavenly peace and wisdom, to live with all, just as our Lord Jesus prayed for His disciples in John 17. And for 101 years, Sister Rose lived to see the glory of the Heavenly Father in her life.

Befittingly, and as requested by herself on her 100th birthday, Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya, accompanied by Lead Apostle Ohene-Saffo, the fellowship of the New Apostolic family as well as family members, celebrated the life of Sister Rose in a funeral service at Akyem Asafo on Saturday, 5th June 2021.

The special service was based on Psalm 31:15a, “…My times are in Your Hand”.
A life of faith and trust in the Father.
“Mother, you never sought eyes to see your enemies”, eulogized the Lead Apostle. “And never did you seek to fight with your enemy”. Ironically, many Christians today pray “to see and fight the enemy”. Yet, we have held on to sin, which signifies that the devil is within us. “Flee from sin, and the devil will flee from you.”

“Allow the Lord to fight for you, just as Sister Rose did. Many of us are seeking to fight our own battles and so we do not have peace.”

A life of true discipleship. With an interesting anecdote of a mother mouse and her pup, the Lead Apostle espoused the humble followership of Sister Rose. “A mother mouse advised her pup to always follow her in search for food. And continually, they found cassava to eat. Growing tired of a monotonous diet, the pup decided to venture on its own to find something different and tastier, and it did; palm nuts. The pup gloated in its bravado and chewed as much as it could. In excitement, the pup picked some nuts to show off to its mother; a sign of its coming of age and audacity.”

“Unfortunately, it had been trapped. In desperation, the pup prayed to God for deliverance and swore never to depart the leadership of its mother. But just when it had finished praying, the pup met its mother’s arch-enemy; the cat.” Let us never depart from the leadership and guidance of our Apostles and the doctrine of Jesus. “We cannot enjoy the goodies of the devil and expect the Lord to deliver us. Let us not lead God, rather let God lead us.”

A life of God’s will. Many Christians pray instructing God to obey their will, no matter the request. “We believe we are worshipping God, but yet show that we are wiser and more knowledgeable than Him. We give God deadlines to our prayer requests.” Let us be humble in our prayers and let the will of God prevail in our lives. Not all things are good for us; our Heavenly Father always acts in our best interest, just us our earthly parents, said the Leader. Sister Rose Markartah lived a life of humility and obedience to God’s will and purpose.

A life of peace with the enemy.
“We, as New Apostolics, cannot be given a special place in Ghana to live in exclusivity. The Lord Jesus did not pray for us to be taken out of this world, but rather to be protected from the snare of the evil one”, explained the Lead Apostle. “Both good and evil shall live together. We shall live with all in our homes, school and congregations. For as long as you do not tempt the evil one, you shall be in harmony with the enemy and live a blessed life.” Sister Rose lived a full life of peace with all, a blessed one of grace and beauty even in her old age.

A life of sacrifice and community service. Sister Rose Mankartah, on becoming a New Apostolic member, dedicated her home at Tutu, 41km from Accra, for the celebration of divine services. Almost 40 years on, her home still hosts the people of Tutu congregation. “Sister Rose lived most of her life at Tutu, her matrimonial home. And throughout the whole of Tutu, a bustling commercial town, you would not find more than a handful of people who will speak ill of Sister Rose. She was loved and respected by all.”

Sister Rose, your Father awaits you. “Sister Rose Mankartah, today, you are returning to the Heavenly Father as His child. As a child of God, you are an heir to the everlasting Kingdom. On the Resurrection morning, you will rise with the departed and be taken to that place that has been prepared for you. That is our goal of faith. And on the Lord’s return, you shall not be called Rose Mankartah; you shall be called truthful, victorious, God’s child, and righteous.”

The Lead Apostle ended: “You have fought the battle and finished the race. You received and shared the gospel; you shall be remembered for all your good works. And may the Tutu congregation continue to grow, for your name to be continually mentioned. Amen.”