The congregation and some Priestly Ministers at the divine service
7 June 2021

Lead Apostle Benjamin Ohene-Saffo on Sunday, 16th May, 2021, was heartily welcomed to the Battor district in the Volta South Apostle area. He celebrated a divine service in the Aveyime congregation with 200 brothers and sisters. Apostle Anthony Kofi Kuada, (Volta South Apostle area), Apostle Richard Senyo Osei (Volta Central Apostle area), District Rector Harrison Hugah (Adaklu Tordzenu District) and District Rector Robert Blibo (Frankadua District) assisted in the divine service.

The text word was taken from John 16:7, “Nevertheless I tell you the truth. It is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you; but if I depart, I will send Him to you”.

The Lead Apostle began: “It is a joy for me to be with you. It is a joy because we are here to share the grace of the Father in Heaven. It is a great day for us all; not to show to the world that we are better Christians than anyone, not to show that we have better cloths, but because we have a covenant with our Father in Heaven. What we get when we come to church cannot be found anywhere.”

The covenant
The Lead Apostle made the congregants aware of the fact that, the development of the soul takes place in the House of God through which we can inherit the Kingdom of God. No man will carry anything to the grave. There is a place being prepared for us and we must also prepare ourselves for that place. It is the belief that Jesus Christ will return to take us there.  

“The Holy Communion is a covenant between us and God” said the Lead Apostle. Reminding the congregation of what Jesus Christ said with regards to partaking in the Holy Communion in John 6:53, that one has eternal life only if he/she partakes in the Holy Communion, and will be raised on the last day.

He encouraged the congregants to always partake in the Holy Communion so as to be like the buoyant seed which does not need enough water to germinate and bear good fruits.

The word

In the beginning was God. He was in heaven with the Holy Spirit. God created everything that was created by speaking a word. The Lead Apostle made the congregants aware that there is power in the Word. He said God was in Heaven together with the Holy Spirit and the Word, but the Word became flesh. He said, “the Word is Jesus Christ. He was sent to come and liberate us from our sins.” He urged the congregants to do according to what Jesus Christ said since He was the Word given to us by God.

The Power
The Southern Sector Leader also reminded the congregants that there is power in the word. “Jesus Christ has the power to do anything; the power to command the roaring sea to be still, the power over death, the power to forgive sins.” Jesus Christ, on the occasion of His Ascension, gave these powers to the Apostles to teach the truth to the world. He said the Apostles have all the powers which Jesus Christ gave them.

The Holy Spirit
“The Holy Spirit was sent to teach us all things that we do not know and also to comfort us. The Lead Apostle added, “it is good the Helper (Holy Spirit) came so that we would be reminded of what Jesus Christ said we should do.” He urged the congregants to always love their neighbour, bless and pray for their enemies since this is the will of Jesus.