The Lead Apostle being welcomed to the Assin Fosu distric
27 May 2021

Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya conducted a divine service on Sunday, 9th May, 2021 at the Cape Coast Apostle Area (Assin Fosu District), Ghana.

In the Lead Apostle's introduction to begin the divine service, he reminded the Church how special the day was as it was Mother's day.

“We thank our mothers around the world and especially in the church. How they carry their unborn babies in the womb for 9 months and make sure they are safe until delivery, shows how wonderful God is.”

The bible text for the service was taken from Psalm 62:5-6 which reads: “My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him. He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be moved.”

“If we are able to wait upon the Lord, then it means we believe in him” started the Lead Apostle.
God who created us knows everything, and much, much more than us. However, we sometimes behave as if we are wiser than the Lord. Jesus’ death on the cross, where He cried for help, means it was a painful death but the purpose of Him being on Earth was to be fulfilled. Had he not died, we would still be in our troubles. Our sins would not have been forgiven but the blood He shed cleansed us, therefore, we are not of the flesh of anymore. We need not to look up to smaller gods in times of battle but the Lord Almighty, said the Lead Apostle.

Using David who trusted and waited upon the Lord in anything he did as an example, he explained how David defeated Goliath who was a thorn in the flesh of the Israelites.

"David was able to defeat Goliath because he believed in the power of the Lord. He had killed wild animals in the forest through the strength of the Lord and believed the same God will fight for him against Goliath".

We can only be victorious in any battle when God is our amour and shield. Let us trust the Lord, wait upon Him and we will be victorious in any battle.

Urging the congregation to read Psalm 23 always, the Lead Apostle concluded the service by advising the congregation to have faith in the Lord because He alone knows what is best for us and wait for His second coming.

The service was assisted by Apostle Ashie Kotei, District Rectors Dacosta Asare (Assin Fosu District) and Odum (Akroso district).