Opening hymn, performed by the orchestra, Now Thank We All Our God
25 May 2021

The Holy Spirit is the Creator of new things in our lives. This was the central message from Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider during a live broadcast of the 2021 Pentecost service held in Zürich (Switzerland) on 23rd May 2021.

The International Church leader based his sermon on Romans 8:14. “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.”
The special Bible reading was taken from Joel 2:28–29 and Ephesians 3:15–21.

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider began his sermon by acknowledging that he never thought of another Pentecost divine service celebrated virtually due to the pandemic: “I couldn’t imagine that we would have another Pentecost celebrated in this way,” he admitted. So many things have happened in the world, in the church, and in our personal lives that we cannot explain. “Why does God permit all these things to happen?” he asked. “We don’t know, I don’t know, nobody knows. We cannot understand God; we have to trust Him. We have decided and are resolute to trust Him because we know God and we know as it is said in the bible reading that He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or think. That is our faith and that is our conviction,” he stated.

The Chief Apostle Schneider explained that during Pentecost, God the Holy Spirit showed His presence and power in a very impressive manner. When people receive the Holy Spirit, there are some signs or demonstrations that the Holy Spirit is present. The Holy Spirit works differently. He works in the souls and thoughts of those who are baptized and sealed. You can tell the Holy Spirit is at work in the church when the behavior of believers begins to change.

The Holy Spirit cleanses, sanctifies and purifies us. This is the part of His work that we cannot see; only God can. But we can trust that He is at work in us in a powerful manner. Our salvation consists of being transformed into the image of Jesus Christ.

“Our salvation is not an escape; it is completion. We want to become what we want to be.” said the Chief Apostle. We want to become like Jesus. Jesus was without sin, He always had peace in its heart. He always overcame everything without violence. He remained in control of His destiny no matter what happened. That is our goal and the Holy Spirit works in us towards this goal. That is the salvation we are waiting for.

The Holy Spirit works in us to transform us. He is a spirit of:

- Creation: With our baptism with water and Spirit, we were reborn and we became a new creation; a new creation in Christ.

- Power: The gift of the Holy Spirit is a guarantee; we can achieve it. We have the power to be transformed. Anyone who is sealed in the Holy Spirit is now able to be transformed into the image of Christ. The Holy Spirit advises us on what to do and what not to do. However, He does not force us; He just guides and leads us.

- Movement: He wants us to move forward, closer to Jesus Christ. He motivates us and reveals the glory and love of Jesus Christ. He creates in us a desire to be in communion with God. The Holy Spirit is one with the Father and Son.

“Let us have the courage to follow the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and to proclaim the gospel to everybody. Let us trust in Him and accept His guidance. He will always find a way to grant us peace and joy” with this, the Chief Apostle concluded.

The Chief Apostle was supported by District Apostle Deppner (Congo) and District Apostle Kolb (USA).