Bishop Ampadu (rtd) explaining a point
20 April 2021

One of the effective means by which ministers and teachers in the New Apostolic Church acquire knowledge, skills and also stay abreast with changes introduced to the church are through attending seminars and trainings. Before one can teach, he/she must also learn. That was why the Trainers Seminar was held at Ho Agortorme in the Volta South Apostle Area from 16th to 17th April, 2021.

Participants were drawn from all the seven (7) districts in the Apostle area including some others from the Volta Central Apostle area. The seminar was facilitated by Bishop Eric Ampadu (rtd.) – National Head of Seminar, who was assisted by Apostle Richard Senyo Osei and Priest Senyo Amedofu  Senior Trainers of the Volta South and Volta Central Apostle areas.

Day 1: Rector – Keep, care and lead

Apostle Anthony Kuada opened the seminar by encouraging the participants to cascade the lessons and training to their various districts. He tasked them to learn as much as the delivery method, organization and style to make the necessary impact in their districts.
The day’s lectures were carefully delivered by Senior Trainers both from Volta Central and South Apostle areas, in an interactive way. There were role plays, group works and questions asked were carefully answered.

Some topics treated were: Qualities and Responsibilities of a Rector, Relationship of a Rector, Administrative Works of a Rector, Finding Qualified Ministers as well as Sexual Misconduct.

Day 2: Youth Care – Awakening enthusiasm in faith and Minister 2 – Responsibilities and tasks

Participants undertook a recap of the first day’s lessons and also carried out presentations in groups.
The following topics were treated on the second day.
* The Situation of Young People
* Expectation of Youth and Youth groups
* The Youth Leader
* Organization of Youth Work
* Proposals for Youth Care
* Funeral Service
* Holy Baptism with Water
* Wedding Blessing and Anniversaries

Closing the seminar, participants were further impressed on to actively develop the skill and talent of other ministers and teachers. They were also asked to try as much as possible to conduct the seminars as scheduled.