The previous laterite footpath being cleared by a youth in 2019
17 March 2021

Despite the negative impact of Covid-19, the brethren of the Tutuka Congregation pooled together resources to fix a nagging problem permanently; a footpath to the Tutuka chapel.

The Tutuka chapel is located at the top of a hill that is accessed by the attendants via a dirt footpath. The route worsened recently following recent rains and thus became very difficult for adults and children alike to climb the hill to the chapel, especially for mid-week evening services.

On Saturday, 6th March, 2021, the youth mobilized themselves to construct a concrete stairway for the church and the other residents in the locality. This construction project was largely financed by the congregation with supplemental support from the Obuasi district. The project has been welcomed with joy and relief by the members, especially the elderly and the children, on seeing the work in progress the following Sunday.

Priest Arthur Samuel, the Rector, stood on behalf of the congregation and thanked the youth. He also blessed the youth for their efforts towards God’s work and urged them to do more for Christ.