Brother Albert Ayidzoe (Youth Leader) giving his welcome address
24 February 2021

On 14th February 2021, Apostle for the Volta-Central Working Area, Richard Senyo Osei, spent the evening sharing his love, experience, knowledge and wisdom with the youth of Ho Central. This was in response to a call by the youth for some guidance and counseling on building and sustaining love relationships.
The day coincided with this year’s Valentine’s Day which is not a Christian holiday.

The nature of the topics made it appropriate for the youth to spend the time with their Apostle. Most importantly, he also explained the Church’s doctrine on such matters.

The program was full of activities to enable the youth to socialize, learn and also have fun. These included musical performances, karaoke, charade and a Q & A session.

‘Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?’
Apostle Richard Osei began this event with an inquisitorial, based on Amos 3:3. This enlivened the gathering, as some responded in a brief interaction. Thereafter, the Apostle took the opportunity to address the matter of love and relationships.

He highlighted some key points:
* Agreement
Before any relationship leading to marriage begins, both man and woman must agree on values, principles and faith.
* Set goals
Every relationship must have an ultimate goal agreed by both man and woman. This goal must be secured at all times.
* Trust & Honesty
Every relationship must be built on trust and honesty. Such relationships grow to their fullest potential.

Closing this counselling session, he urged the youth to exhibit godly love towards their partners in their relationships.

Also present at this special night were Shepherd Ernest Foli, Evangelist Victor Dzradosi and Priest Moses Amanfu.