Lead Apostle listening to the welcome address by the Sunday School
8 February 2021

A first divine service of the year 2021; and it was a special one! For years, the Tafi Atome congregation has been inactive due to the emigration of its predominantly farmer-members seeking fertile lands. Lead Apostle Benjamin Ohene-Saffo conducted his first divine service in the Volta Central Apostle Area, here at Tafi Atome. The event came off on Sunday 31st January 2021, was in Tafi Akome. 

Interestingly, Tafi Atome is also well-known as an ecotourism town. Located here are a monkey sanctuary and a traditional sacred grove conservation, established in 1996 as a community-based ecotourism project. It is the home of Mona and Patas monkeys.

Prior to the visit of the Lead Apostle, leader of the apostle area, Apostle Osei, together with some brothers gathered to paint the chapel and clean its environs. The service is part of a drive to revive the congregation. Thankfully, two ministers have returned home to settle in the community.

The Lead Apostle based this special service on John 8:36, “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.”

The Lead Apostle began: “I must say that I am home. When I heard the Sunday School children welcome me with those special words, I felt at home. And I thank  all of you for making time for this divine service.” He continued: “We are in a situation where sometimes we cannot tell which day it is anymore. Be assured that the Lord is with us in all trying moments.”

He further encouraged the congregation with a word from the motto for the year: “At the beginning of the year, we received a beautiful motto, “Christ, our future. The future means tomorrow or upcoming events. Do you believe Jesus will return? If yes, then let us make that our focus. Let us remain faithful. 

Salvation and Law
The Lead Apostle explained the difference in living under the laws of Moses and the era of grace. “Salvation is not made for the law, for the law is judgement. The law was made to judge and punish. However, Christians cannot have that freedom under the law. Thus, the Lord Jesus came to give us grace; for all who faltered under the law, this grace can be experienced under Christ and not judgement.”

He emphasised: “Moses brought the law but Jesus brought grace and salvation. If you want the law to judge you, then you will fall from the grace. Therefore, if the Son has set you free, you shall be free indeed.”

Occupy till I Come
To be faithful means to be righteous, and this righteousness will make us stay in faith till the end of time. “It saddens my heart when members leave the altar of grace for earthly possessions” lamented the Lead Apostle as he concluded. “Jesus Christ said to the Apostles ‘Occupy till I come’. My brothers and sisters, let us support each other because of the Lord's work. Let us strengthen each other in this circle of the Apostles. Let us also remember, that we must forgive no matter the situation, just as Jesus forgave and sacrificed His life.”

He was accompanied by Apostle Richard Osei, five District Rectors and four Deputy District Rectors. Apostle Osei, District Elder Ebelin and District Evangelist Azile assisted the service.