District Rector Akubia (left) displays his table tennis skills
10 January 2021

The youth are often referred to as, “The future of the Church”. Indeed, for this assertion to come to fruition, conscious efforts are required today. Calculated attempts are expected to nurture the youth and insulate them from the adverse influences of the world especially during Christmas and New Year festivities.
It is with this motive that a youth gathering was organized on January 2, 2021, for the youth at Liati Dafornu in the Hohoe District of the Volta North Apostle Working Area. Participants were drawn from Hohoe and Dafornu congregations (Hohoe District) and Ve-Koloenu and Ve-Agbome congregations (Likpe District).

Hike to Tagbo Water Falls
Tagbo Water Falls lies at the foot of the highest mountain in Ghana, known as Afadjato (translates, Afadja mountain). It is located at Liati Wote in the Hohoe District Elder Area. This was the first stop of the Youth. With great joy, the youth undertook a forty-five minute walk to the water falls. For some of the youth, this is their first visit to a tourist attraction site.  This also served as a health walk for the participants.

Fellowship Afternoon
Later in the afternoon, the youth gathered at our congregation at Liati Dafornu for fellowship. Other activities including singing, choreography, open forum, and lectures were undertaken.
Delivering the key lecture, District Rector Christopher Xa (Hohoe District) entreated the youth to properly distinguish themselves as true children of God by word and deed. He cautioned against immoral behaviour, bad friends and laziness. He admonished the youth to take active part in the development of God’s work of salvation.