Shepherd Kwame Kankam led this special Christmas divine service based on Luke 2:10-12
28 December 2020

At the height of the pandemic, somewhere in March and April, there was a trending jocular statement on social media platforms in Ghana:  This was a humorous incomplete rhetoric that ironically mirrored our fears at that time; that by June, we could all be dead. To God be the glory, here we are in December celebrating Christmas.

Even the most vulnerable at the Tema congregation would join brethren to celebrate the beautiful divine service that espoused the signs of God’s love in the birth of our Saviour. After the service, there were also performances of bible recitals by the Sunday School, walking us through the timeline of prophecy to the eventual birth of Jesus.

NAC-Ghana took time to capture some of the thoughts and emotions of some brethren on this special day, based on the question: “What does Christmas mean to you?”

Jessie (Youth): “Christmas reminds me that Christ came to die and wash away my sins. So for me, Christmas always represents a fresh start for me as a Christian.”

Vivian (Sunday School): “Anytime it is Christmas, I feel happy because it reminds me of the birth of Jesus. Jesus has done many things for me so I am happy I am remembering the birth of Jesus.”

Margaret (Choir): “I am encouraged through Christmas purely for the salvation act of Jesus. He has given us the opportunity to be a part of the Kingdom of Heaven, whether as a living being or a departed. The onset of His grace has given us this special meaning to Christmas.”

Priest Mingle (Ministry):
“Today is a day that we reflect upon man’s salvation. Every Christian should be able to reflect about the birth of Christ and the good news that it brings to all. That man is not condemned to hell, but rather there is salvation for all.”

Donald (Sunday School): “Christmas means fun. We enjoy a lot, we have fun!”

Apostle Ohemeng (rtd; Congregation): The retired Apostle was impressed and inspired by the performance of the Sunday School. He shared his thoughts: “Christmas speaks a lot to me, and today was no different.. I was particularly very happy about the messages of the Sunday school. Though entertaining, it rekindled the spirit of togetherness in the congregation. It also gives me new happiness and hope for the future of the church of our Lord.”

Akwasi (Youth): “The occasion of Christmas gives me great joy in remembering the birth of my Saviour and I believe it is same for all. Furthermore, the performance of the Sunday School also gave me some unique joy in my heart to see these young ones understand the true meaning of Christmas.”

Priest Havor (Ministry): “This Christmas is a great day for me. This day gives me the assurance it is true that Jesus has revealed all we need to follow. I am always full of joy.”

Across the demography of the church, Christmas clearly represents joy, hope, salvation and fun. However little Vivian had a special message for her fellow Sunday School brothers and sisters: “I would like to tell them that they should not worry, God is with us. Anything bad that happens to them, they should pray to God and God will hear them and move them away from that bad thing. So they should not worry, God is with us.”

Season’s greetings, with love from the Tema Congregation.