Apostle Paul Kyeremeh at the altar
2 December 2020

On Sunday, the 29th day of November, 2020 which happens to be the last Sunday of the month, Apostle Paul Yaw Kyeremeh held a special divine service at the Techiman Central Church in the Techiman Apostle Area.

The text word for the service was taken from Psalm 126:3, “The LORD has done great things for us; And we are glad”

“My beloved brethren in Christ, we should give praise, adoration and thanks to God for the mighty and great things He has done for us. We serve a living, merciful and wonderful God, who despite all things continues to bless us. What we are seeing now is the smallest of it all; He has not opened the greater ones for us yet. Greater and mightier ones are ahead of us that the Good Lord is preparing for us” the Apostle began by uttering these words.

Apostle Kyeremeh elaborating on the text word said, “In the beginning of the year, no one thought of ever living to see this day, but by the grace of God, we are all alive and healthier.” What should man be happy about; money, clothes, houses or cars? Asked the Apostle. “For us as Christians, we say God has done greater things for us thus we will be glad in it” continued the Techiman Working area leader. “No one has been disgraced because of Christ, but Christ was maltreated, disgraced and punished because of man, thus we should be glad in God.”

Irrespective of our sins and atrocities, God still continues to bless us thus we should be glad and glorify His Holy and mightier name. We should be grateful for the protection and guidance given us each day by God, concluded the Apostle.

District Elder Amponsah Aduo, District Evangelist Amponsah Richmond, Shepherd Saint Yeboah, Priests Stephen, Ernest, Asare, Ghabah and Abrefa Noah as well as Rector Jabisi Daniel assisted the service.

Four Priests and two Deacons were ordained for Tuobodom, Techiman, Traa and Kenten congregations. Apostle Paul Kyeremeh entreated them to spread the Gospel of God and the doctrine of the church to be able to reach out for the last soul.