Day 3 Agenda: Train NHS virtual 2020
20 November 2020

The virtual webinar for the National Heads of Seminars (NHS) continued on Friday, 13th and Saturday, 14th of November, 2020, to deliberate on the future of seminars and how to develop the Youth, the Teachers and especially the Rectors on - “Keep and Care”

Day 2: A day for the youth, our lives and the Rector    
Lead Apostle Ohene-Saffo opened the 2nd day’s meeting with a prayer. The participants were grouped into 4 virtual discussion rooms to recap the 1st day’s activities.

The webinar continued with the topic on the Youth Leader for the morning section:
* Youth days
* Youth Divine service
* Local Gatherings, and
* Pastoral Care

There was another group discussion and subsequent presentations led by group representatives on the topics:
* The Sermon on the Mount in our daily life
* What is the benefit of my Faith?
* Does one need Apostles?  

All presentations were well done to the applause of all.
Following a lunch break, participants discussed the topic “Rector - Keep and Care”: Some of the issues treated were Relationship of a Rector, Administration and Organisation.

Day 3:

Lead Apostle Oppong-Brenya from Ghana joined the virtual meeting on this day and to share a word and open the day’s activities with a prayer.  The Northern Ghana leader expressed his gratitude for the sacrifices of the participants to find time to gain knowledge to teach their ministers and teachers in their respective countries.  He wished the blessings of God on all.

As usual, there was a revision of the second day’s activities (Mourmel round) which was moderated by District Elder Dinkelacker. Thereafter, the topics treated for the last day were:
* Find a Qualified Church Minister
* Summary on Liturgy, Ordination, Appointment and Assignment
* “Stop Sexual misconduct” (role play). The discussion on this topic prompted District Elder Oehler to organize a webinar for participants on the 8th of December 2020.
* Funeral Service (role play and critique by facilitator & participants)
* Wedding Blessing (role play and critique by facilitator & participants)

Finally, there was a Q&A session – “What I have learned, what I will do differently in future”. Each and every participant shared his ideas and intentions for their respective countries to the admiration of the all.

The meeting concluded with District Elder Oehler acknowledging and praising the efforts and dedication of each and every participant, calling everyone by name. He prayed for the future success of all.