The specially decorated Thanksgiving altar
14 October 2020

It has been another journey through the year to be thankful for, even though the year 2020, has been a difficult but enthralling one. On Sunday, 4th October 2020, Apostle Richard Senyo Osei conducted this year’s Thanksgiving Service at the Ho Central congregation.

The text word for the divine service was taken from Psalm 104:24, “O Lord, how manifold is Your works! In Wisdom You have made them all. The earth is full of Your possession”.

“We rejoice today, that our eyes have seen this special day of thanksgiving and also for the reason that we have been found worthy enough to be here before our Lord God” the Apostle began. “Let us cast our minds back to the past year and ask ourselves in spirit and truth, if truly we are telling God ‘Thank You’. God is not oppressing us to give thanks to Him, but as children of New Apostolic faith, it is needful to show appreciation to God for His deeds” said Apostle Osei in his opening remarks.

In his sermon, the Volta Central Area leader said no one has ever written any guidelines to God as to how He must do His work. God, in His own wisdom and knowledge, created heaven and earth and its inhabitants, therefore it is required of us to handle Gods creations with care. He added that God has a plan and purpose for man for He created them in His wisdom.

The Apostle continued by encouraging the congregation to take proper care of themselves since they also form part of God’s creation. He urged all by saying our thankfulness to God can be expressed through the proper caretaking of God’s creations. Additionally, the Apostle also entreated the congregation to guard against human activities that destroys God’s creations; we can in turn portray our care of these creations in showing gratitude to Him.

Apostle Osei concluded his sermon by emboldening members not to be passive and nonchalant in our faith and works in God because anything we do in assurance for God, He will count it in our favour. Also, God never forsakes those who cast their hopes upon Him, therefore in everything, we ought to be thankful and look up to God.

The Apostle was assised by District Elder Avedzi.

Annual Thanksgiving Vineyard Work

As always done by the congregation on Thanksgiving Day, ministers and some members visit brothers and sisters who are indisposed with food items. This year’s visit was to the retired Rector Addo’s residence. The ministers and members also sang to share with the retired minister’s family the joy of this year’s Thanksgiving divine service. The retired minister was very happy to have seen brothers and sisters at his home to uplift his soul.