Shy, smart, serviceable: Abena Adoma Ampong
2 September 2020

It is Sunday 29th March, 2020, and there will be no divine service in the whole of Ghana for the 2nd week in a row; strange but accepted! Little did we know there was a brewing talent, waiting to be out-doored to the community of saints by our Heavenly Father; a humble, unassuming gift of a beautiful mind and heart – Adoma!

Adoma is a typical Akan female name that means “Grace”. And it is amazing God’s graciousness was evident once more in a trying time. Never has it happened (and probably ever thought of) since the introduction of the New Apostolic doctrine in Ghana, that everyone will be encouraged to stay home on divine service days (#PrayHome). Yet, the Gospel must now be sent to every home where possible, in a simple and discerning form. In comes Adoma, who takes it upon herself to share her talent and skill to assist within the social media and student community.

Abena Adoma Ampong is a level 300 English and Psychology undergraduate student of the University of Ghana. She hopes to be an author and psychologist and is a member of the Legon congregation. Her parent congregation though, is the East Legon fellowship.

“What motivated you to take this initiative?” I asked on meeting her at an event. Spotting a bashful smile, she answered: “Well, Priest Peter Owusu asked me to summarise a YouTube divine service on 29th March the first time. It was service by our District Apostle. Although it initially seemed like a one-time request, I just continued doing so without being asked.”

“Why, was it not so much work for you?” I probed further. Taking the opportunity, Adoma shares a deep and pure unadulterated emotion, written all over her face: “I was just happy to share with people who did not get to watch the service. Through the summary, they also have a chance to know what it was about. I knew not everyone had easy access to internet so I felt the summary would help.”

I continued: “Did you have any prior training?” “No-oo” she began, “I was not trained. I just picked out what I thought was very relevant.” I was impressed. The bane for many reporters, has been how to summarise a whole Apostle’s service within an A4 page. Here we have a ‘gift wrapped in NAC doctrine’, summarising a 20-something minute message from our District Apostle in 334 words within minutes after the service. Pure talent!

NAC Ghana reporters have only 3 sisters as part of a team of 35. I found this an opportune time to possibly recommend a 4th to the Chief Editor. “Would you like to be a NAC Reporter, you seem a natural fit? I would love to recommend you to Bishop Ampadu.” Amidst a coy but hearty giggle, she only mutters: “Ooooh…what is it about please?” I gve her a summary of what it entails: “All the things you see me do; taking pictures and writing reports of faith-based church events. You can also write about personal or extended faith-based experiences you wish to share.” She happily responds: “Okay, I am interested!”

Adoma is the 2nd of three sisters. Afua, the eldest, and Serwaa are both general secretaries for the student leadership of NAC Legon and KNUST congregations respectively. Their parents are deep in the faith of the NAC doctrine. Whereas their father, Brother Henry Ampong, keeps a low profile, their mum, Sister Adwoa Boadu Ampong is a chorister and has been well before Adoma was born.
In our congregations, there abound many more waiting to share their talents. A youthful lady of few words but always with a wide and warm smile, I asked if she had any message for her colleague youth. Her answer was typical of her few-words nature: “Pray!”

So, the next time you see a lady with a camera strapped around her neck or with a smart phone pacing up and down the aisles of our church auditoriums taking pictures at a NAC faith-based event in Accra, most likely, you would be looking at that gracious gift from God – Adoma!