Apostle Samuel Usoro at the Altar during the divine service
31 August 2020

On Sunday 30th August 2020, Apostle Samuel Peter Usoro from South East Nigeria conducted the last live stream Divine service for the month in the central church congregation, Abuja, Nigeria.  
The Apostle used a Text word from:  Psalm 126:3-4 “The Lord has done great things for us, and we are glad. Bring back our captivity, O Lord, as the streams in the South.”

From the text word, the apostle went on to emphasize on three points, namely:

God Has done great things for us.

The officiating Apostle started the divine service by welcoming brothers, sisters, friends and guest and the connected congregation to the altar of grace where God is working through His Apostles to dispense grace to those who are willing to accept it.

In his elaboration he stated that God Has done great things for us and He is not partial. He is God of everyone. He loves us all, even those in the yonder world. His love penetrates to salvage them and gives them grace. He told the congregation to remember the great deeds of God and speak about them.

The great deeds of God

God Has granted us freedom, through His great deeds without any bail bond.
The wondrous work of God is uncountable. Firstly, God sent His Son to redeem us and He died for our sins and brought us closer to our heavenly Father. Secondly, Jesus Christ died for us all, overcame sin and gave us victory. Through Jesus Christ, the church of God has been established and God Has sent the Apostles to preach to us and forgive our sins in the stead of Jesus Christ. These are the deeds we need to show gratitude for and tell others about the wondrous things God Has done.
In our various situations of life, like the pandemic God covers us with His Love and gives His Angels charge over us. We should rejoice over this because we have a great God who does things marvelously, cares for us and want to save us.

Rejoicing over the great deeds of God

Let’s express our gladness over the great deeds of God by showing our Joy to people around us. Be happy over the great works of God. He is unbiased and is able to help us every time of our lives. God is supreme. God gave us the authority to rejoice. He is a God that will help His children eternally. Tell others about the great things He Has done.

Be glad that God is sending His Son to take us home.

The faithful who are still alive will be caught up in the cloud with Christ, defiling gravity. This is the great deed of God. Tell others about this wondrous works and the salvation of Jesus Christ. The great deeds of God are also evident in His Kingdom of peace which is to come. There will be no pain or sorrow in His kingdom. As a result of the Joy of His great deeds let’s call on those who do know God to come and receive salvation and grace. At the return of Jesus Christ, He will take His own to Himself in a moment, and lead them into eternal fellowship with Himself, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.
Concluding his sermon, the Apostle stated that for us to partake more in the great deeds of God, we must be thankful to Him and tell others about His deeds. If we can appreciate what God Has done for us we will experience greater things and at last when Jesus Christ appears in His Glory He will take us home to dwell with Him in eternity.

The Apostle was assisted by District Elder Alex Madubuike of North working area of Nigeria.