A Priest ensures that all members sanitise their hands before the divine service
21 August 2020

For the first time after the government lifted restrictions on religious worship, Apostle Samuel Ayidana served members of Bolgatanga Central Church on 9th August, 2020, in a divine service. He spoke about being each other’s keeper.

The text word was taken from Mathew 25:40, ‘And the king will answer and say to them, “assuredly, I say to you, Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.”

Welcoming the congregants to the service, the Apostle assured all that God will not leave us alone, neither will He destroy His people without cause. Rather, we should have total confidence in God especially in these times. He added that during the height of the restrictions, we still prayed to God on our own, without going into the church building. “Where were our beautiful church buildings?” he asked, “Our hearts are the temple of God. We are the beautiful church of the Word.”

Preaching on the message of helping and supporting one another, he said that no one can make it alone. “We can make it together if we are able to team up” explained the Apostle, “Love for one another is part of God’s commandments, no one can claim to love God when you have not shown love to your neighbour.” He continued: “Love is not only shown in the form of gift of material things but also in kind. If these things are not done we will be judged by Jesus Christ, each according to his works.”

Apostle Samuel Ayidana added, “Who is the first of our neighbours? It is ourselves.” He continued by teaching that we first have to help ourselves, by receiving and allowing the Holy Spirit to enable us do all that is required of us. We must pray for one another and bear each other’s burden in difficult times to give comfort. Let us do these and do it always.”

Concluding his sermon, Apostle Samuel Ayidana entreated the congregants to remain focused to their duties as believers. He said: “Following Christ does not spare us from afflictions and trials. The Lord Jesus loves His own without exception and He expects us to help one another. The Lord desires the salvation of all human beings, and calls upon us to do our part to this end without getting tired.

The divine service was assisted by District Evangelist Suguruman Yaw Laar and Priest Jonathan Afful.