See you next year at the National Youth Day 2021...bye for now!
15 August 2020

The month of August is always special to the youth of the New Apostolic Church Ghana. Why? It is in the month of August that most, if not all, Apostle Areas organise their Annual Youth Day events. Among the youth, we often refer to this period as “Youth Camp”. Due to the corona virus, this year is different; a whole year, without a Youth Day!

Usually organized within the first two weeks in August, the youth camp is never a dull moment. Youth members always look forward to this period. The morning devotions and fellowship, workshops and seminars, games, the counselling sessions amongst others always bring a delight and uplifts our souls. The social bond and ties cannot be understated; a number of brothers and sisters have met their spouses at these events. As the Fantes say, “It is good to keep a good thing at home”, and sure some brothers have kept our good sisters with us!

As it was planned, the 2020 Youth Camp was planned to be the climax of Ghana’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Scheduled to be hosted by the Kumasi Apostle Area at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST), some 15,000 youth were expected to participate in the 4-day event, from the 6th – 9th August 2020.  This was special, one of its kind and never done before.
The Youth in all 15 Apostle Areas, together with some invited brothers and sisters from other neighbouring countries were to camp together. Above all, our District Apostle Michael Ehrich, together with all Apostles in Ghana were going to live with the Youth through this period for the very first time; how exciting!

The Chief Apostle did say, in a YouTube divine service, that man may change his plans but God never changes His plan. Our Youth Day plans for this year may have not have seen the light of the day, but so far as the Lord lives, we are of a firm conviction that this pandemic will become history, and God’s appointed time for Ghana’s 50 anniversary National Youth Day will certainly prevail.

For now, we have some more time to prepare; the cultural performances, the music, the faith sharing experiences and the special divine service message. Let us keep the safety protocols and prepare our hearts and minds towards next year. Let us wash our hands, sanitise, wear nose masks and keep our social distancing. Let us stay safe, and by the grace of God, stay alive! See you next year at the National Youth Day 2021...bye for now!