The Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu
5 August 2020

Development only occurs in a conducive environment. As Christians, we must develop and grow in our faith. However, in today’s world of turmoil, afflictions and materialism, how can we do that? Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu teaches us the way in a YouTube divine service broadcasted from Abuja, Nigeria on 2nd August 2020.

Leading the congregation with the text word 1 Peter 5:7, ‘…casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you’; the Lead Apostle explained we can only grow and be perfected in Christ when we are “quiet in our spirit and not torn apart by a lot of cares.”

The Lord seeks to help us grow. “Where there are cares causing anxiety, we cannot be perfected. Anyone living on earth has worries” he explained, “But the difference is, those who know the Lord will listen to His instructions; casting all our cares on Him for He cares for us. The Lord wants us to bring all our worries to Him.”

We live by His Grace alone.
“It is important to care for our material needs” he said, “however we should not allow our material needs to disrupt our relationship with God. We should not allow our physical needs to block our view for salvation.” So, what do we do? He said: “Let us humble ourselves and put our trust in the Lord. Let us realise that it is on His grace alone we depend. If the Lord does not help us, we cannot do anything.”

God knows our needs. He encouraged: “Our Heavenly Father knows all our needs much more than we do. If we put our trust in Him, obey His commandments and lean on Him then He will grant us all those things we need. He will fill our hearts with peace even in these times. He wants us to care for our salvation and not be anxious about it.”

Jesus carries the weight of our salvation. We do not have to worry about the burden of our salvation; it is in the hands of God, taught the Lead Apostle. There is nothing we can do about to give ourselves salvation. He admonished: “Our duty is to believe in the power and the love of God. Then, our Heavenly Father will prepare us, give us grace and grant us His lovingkindness.”

The burden of our neighbour’s salvation.
Although God encourages us to care for our neighbour’s salvation, it must not be at the detriment of our own faith and redemption. We must lay the burden of this worry on God, we cannot offer salvation to our fellow brethren. We must be humble, pray for them, believe in the love of Jesus for our neighbours and trust in God to help our neighbours; the Lord wants all men to be saved.

Our cares for the church.
Sometimes we worry for the future of the Church, he explained as he rounded up his sermon. We even reproach our Lord for the worries of our Church just as the disciples did while crossing the Sea of Galilee with Jesus in a boat. However, Jesus said to them; “Ye men of little faith’. What He meant was ‘Why are fearful, why not leave this burden upon me, I am hear with you!” said the Lead Apostle.

Our calling and service in the Church is ordained by God. The Lord directs His Church as He pleases. We must accept and work in the blessings of our Lord, hand in hand with our fellow brethren, to the goal of our faith.