District Rector Dacosta Asare at the altar
30 July 2020

The second week of divine services in the Assin Foso district (Cape Coast Apostle Area), after the government lifted restrictions, took place on 26th July, 2020, at the Assin Foso congregation. District Rector Dacosta Asare conducted the service with 60 members in attendance.

The text was read from Joshua 24:14, “Now therefore, fear the Lord and serve him in sincerity and in truth. And put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the flood and in Egypt. And serve ye the Lord.”

The District Rector began his sermon by praising God for His graciousness in keeping the congregants safe and allowing them to fellowship as one family again.

He continued by rhetorically asking, “Where do New Apostolic members stand, do we obey the laws, appreciate and believe in the Holy Communion, baptism and forgiveness of sins?”.

We must be faithful in serving because Jesus called us to be faithful witnesses. The Lord once explained that a faithful servant will work until the master returns, so we should be conformed in the Lord’s image and continue to remain in faith and obedience of the Lord’s commands.

The District leader entreated the gathered members to remember their vows made during their Baptism and Holy Sealing as well as that of their children because it is the duty of the parent to teach children to love Christ.

In conclusion, District Rector Dacosta urged members to turn away from their evil ways as the death of the wicked do not please God. “If we serve and fear the Lord, He will also not allow us to be troubled in the era of this deadly coronavirus” he said. He urged all to adhere to the safety protocols and leave the rest to God.

The divine service was assisted by Deputy District Rector John Aikins.