Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu leading the YoutTube divine service from Abuja
21 July 2020

“God has a standard for His people to enter into His Kingdom; it cannot be lowered for any reason or individual.” Poignant, clear and admonishing words by Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu as he preached a sermon on the 5th of Commandment given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai. “This implies that we must be obedient to the commandments of God and walk with Him.”

In a YouTube divine service on 19th July, 2020, broadcasted from Abuja, Nigeria, the Lead Apostle, assisted by Apostle Rotimi, served an online congregation with the text word, Exodus 20:13: ‘You shall not murder.’

Essence of God’s commandments. He said: “The purity of the commandments of God is to show us the way of life. They are not given to mankind to tempt us, but rather to give us life, peace and joy if we obey them.”

Original meaning of the 5th commandment. Initially, the 5th commandment referred to arbitrary killings of humans that brought problems on the community. This also includes death by murder, self defence and aborting pregnancies. “Killing is killing” he said, “Murder is murder. It is not acceptable in any form to shed the blood of another person made in the image of God.” 
A deeper interpretation by Jesus. However, Jesus gave the 5th commandment a deeper meaning, beyond the act of murder or killing. Jesus also looks at our thoughts and intentions, he explained. “Cain killed his brother (Abel) but before he did, it started in his thoughts. God is after our intentions and thoughts, and not the resulting acts of our thoughts.” 
God is the source of all life. “He alone gives life” said the Lead Apostle, “When He became man in Jesus Christ, He told us ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.’ He is the beginning and end of every life”. No one has the authority to take anyone’s life.

Obeying the Commandments gives life.
The Lord, through Moses, admonished the Israelites to obey the commandments to be able to live beyond their generations. The same is required of us today as Christians. We must renounce the works and ways of Satan and surrender ourselves to the Triune God. We must obey the will and commandments of God.

Christians must show love. The Leader said: “The word of Jesus implies that as Christians, we must not hate anyone made in the image of God. God has loved them and given His Son for them”. He continued: “If we say we know God, we must do what He does and wants us to do; otherwise we are hypocrites. Who are we to hate anyone made in the image of God?”

Christians must live in harmony and peace. “God does not accept any reason for anyone to be violent” said the Leader. Christians must resist every act of violence and discord. “Let us make peace in our words, thoughts and actions. In whatever way we communicate to people, let them read peace in lives.” Our lives must show the way to Jesus Christ and help people towards eternal salvation.

Concluding his sermon, Lead Apostle Nwogu emphasised: “Those who have dwelt in the Commandments will abide forever. Let us hold onto this message and live.”