No Mask, No Entry sign fixed on all doors
17 July 2020

Sunday 12th July 2020 marked the second divine service held at the East Legon Congregation in Accra after lockdown restrictions were lifted across the country. It was officiated by Shepherd Karel de Heer with assistance from Community Evangelist Odoom.

Shepherd de Heer thanked the members for their contributions, efforts and donations towards meeting government regulations which had enabled the East Legon congregation to begin services in earnest.

In anticipation for the resumption of divine services at the congregation, several members sacrificed their time to clean up the premises while others made cash donations in addition to sanitary items and veronica buckets to help the congregation meet government guidelines for religious worship.

Speaking on the text word taken from Genesis 28:22, “And this stone which I have set as a pillar shall be Gods house, and of all that you give me, I will surely give a tenth to You”, Shepherd de Heer started his sermon by explaining the importance of praising God’s love as Christians. He said as children of God, we are required to constantly praise God’s love as God Himself said stones will be raised to praise Him if we as His creation do not.

The Shepherd further expatiated on the experience Jacob had with God on a journey, explaining the circumstances which led to Jacob leaving his home. In a dream, while using a stone as a pillow, Jacob saw the heavens opened with angels rejoicing and heard the voice of the Lord from the heavens promising him blessings. Upon waking up, Jacob made a declaration to sacrifice to the Lord a tenth of everything God blesses him with.

He then admonished Christians of today to see sacrifices we make as a show of love to God while making reference to how several members helped each other during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic by sacrificing their time, energy and money.

In conclusion, Shepherd De Heer then cautioned the congregation to also ensure their hearts are given wholeheartedly to God by obeying His word at all times in other not to make meaningless the sacrifices that are made for the work of God.