Temperature of every member is taken before divine service
15 July 2020

On the 12th July, 200, Bishop Charles Kesse celebrated a Divine Service with members of Tutuka Congregation, Obuasi District in the Konongo Apostle area.

The quotation for the service was taken from Exodus 20: 7, “You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.”

In his opening remarks, Bishop Kesse welcomed the congregants and encouraged to remain in the family of our till His return. Bishop also spoke about the COVID-19 virus and urged all to obey and practice the necessary protocols. Emphatically, he tasked the congregants to have hope in Christ above all the protocols.

Mentioning God’s name in vain

Elaborating on the text word for the service, the Bishop explained that mentioning God’s name in vain brings punishment to anyone who does that. He cited an example from Leviticus 24: 10 – 14 which was about a certain man who mentioned God’s name in vain was stoned to dead.

Mention God’s name in humbleness
Our Lord Jesus Christ has taught us to mention God’s name in humbleness. Jesus told us to make the name of God holy according to Matthew 6: 9. Mentioning God’s name in humbleness brings blessings to us. It is our duty to praise God in humbleness. We need to show to people that our Lord’s name remains Holy and we are witnesses to that.

When do we mention God’s name?

As Christians, we need to follow the steps of Christ. Christ mentioned His father’s name when he praised God and also when He was in a difficult situation. Jesus Christ came and lived as an example to us. We too need to mention God’s name when are praising Him. We need to mention His name when are in our happy moments and also in difficult times.

Concluding his sermon, the Bishop added that the punishment of mentioning God’s name in vain still remains. We can only avoid this punishment by mention God’s name in a proper manner. Let us remain in Christ and follow His teaching from the ministers.

The service was supported by Shepherd Isaac Gyimah.