Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu
8 July 2020

The path to eternal life can only be shown by one who has lived, died, resurrected and continues to live. Only such a person can show how to gain eternal life. Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu explained by whom, how and when eternal life can be obtained in a YouTube divine service broadcasted from Abuja, Nigeria on 5th July 2020. He was assisted by Apostle Rotimi.

This divine service for departed was based on Acts 4:12, ‘Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.’

A continued message from the early church.
The Apostles’ ministry today have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to continue the work of the Apostles of old; to preach the message of salvation to the people on earth and the realm beyond.  What is the message? “Jesus Christ is the only source of salvation, and only through Him can one be saved!” remarked the Lead Apostle.

Man’s personality goes beyond the body. He said: “When man dies, his body goes back to the earth. His soul and spirit enter into the realm of the departed. However, the personality of man does not change.” The Lead Apostle explained that our belief and doctrine teaches us that the unchanged state of man’s personality in the beyond offers man the chance to receive the preaching of the gospel and accept the message of salvation by the Apostles.

God decides the salvation of the departed.
The redemption of the departed is determined by God, he said. “This situation is influenced by two things: Firstly, how near they had been to Jesus Christ. Secondly, the degree of their guilt which is determined only by the Almighty God.”

No other name but Jesus can save. God grants His grace, both to the realms of the living and the departed. Those who accept the grace are able to accept the gospel preached by the Apostles, believe in Jesus Christ as the only source of salvation, receive the sacraments in the house of Jesus Christ and continue with the Apostles in His teachings. “By partaking in the body of Jesus Christ in the Holy Communion, these souls can now enter fellowship with the Son of God and the Church and develop into the nature of Jesus Christ. This is our joy.” he explained.

Transformation for eternal glory. At the return of Jesus, He shall take to Himself prepared souls from the realms of the living and the dead who shall be transformed into glorified bodies like Jesus Christ. He continued: “We shall be like Him...we shall have the same body as Him. Those without this body shall not see Him, whether from the realm of the living or departed.”  

Living forever with the Lord. “All those who followed Jesus Christ, and remained with Him will enter into the new creation. We will begin to live forever with the Lord” emphasized the leader.

A joyful task for the living. Concluding the service, Lead Apostle Nwogu said: “My brothers and sisters, this is a day of joy for us, in that we can be of help to the realm of the departed. At the altar of grace, the Chief Apostle, District Apostles and commissioned Apostles will dispense the sacraments to the living on behalf of the dead, to as many as will accept the invitation given to them. Let us give glory to God for giving us this great task.”