Our fathers in the realms of the departed
27 June 2020

As the world marked Father’s Day celebration on Sunday 21st June 2020, the Legon congregation of the Accra West District of the Accra Apostle Area did a retrospective look into the past, the present and the probable to identify and celebrate our bearers of blessings.

Ministers and members of the Legon congregation wrote the message below to all our fathers:

As the world celebrates Father’s Day, we want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the dedication, hard work, perseverance, prayers and compassion of our fathers, both living and dead. Thank you for being wonderful earthly examples of what we are to learn of God, despite being humans. With diligent hearts, you have played your roles and carried the responsibilities given you by our Heavenly Father, who is the source of everything.

To our fathers in the departed realms, we have a special place in our hearts for you. Your exemplary lives and dedication to the calling will forever be a guide to us. We will continue to keep you in our prayers and we believe that we shall surely meet during the First Resurrection.

To our retired ministers, you fought the good fight, you kept the faith, you run the race. Even in retirement, we have never lacked your support and words of encouragement. The journey is less difficult because your guidance is with us. We cannot celebrate you enough.

To our bearers of blessings, we cannot overemphasize the demands of the ministry work, especially in these challenging times. You have held steadfastly unto your faith and have taught us to keep trusting God even if nothing makes sense. Thank you for being there for us; you counsel us, you share God’s word with us, you pray with us, you comfort us in our grief, you join in our celebrations. Thank you always.

May the flow of blessings shower your lives and your families.

Happy Father’s Day!