Kumasi: Sister Barbara Agyapong plays the euphonium and now learning the viola to perform at the Music Festival for the NYC 2021
31 May 2020

One major activity on the calendar of the church that offers a platform for the youth to develop and socialize is the annual youth camps by the various Apostle Areas. The plan for this year was different; youth from all the fifteen Apostle Areas would have converged at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Kumasi) for a National Youth Conference (NYC). Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a rescheduling to next year, 2021. A number of brethren from the youth share their thoughts on NYC 2021.

How were you preparing for this year’s NYC (2020)?
Barbara Agyapong, Kumasi: “I have found that one of the biggest assets of camping experience is to be involved. So I thought, ‘how would I be a blessing whiles I participated?’ Although I play the euphonium, I decided to challenge my heart and comfort zone, and began learning to play the viola. I know by 2021 I will become a pro-instrumentalist, taking turns to play two instruments as part of the musical festival at the NYC.”  
Eric Amoah, Takoradi: “Well, I was very determined to attend this year’s NYC. Therefore, I started putting funds aside immediately the NYC was announced in my congregation. I regularly initiated discussions concerning the NYC anytime I met the youth.”
Eric Antwi, Kumasi: “I was preparing financially for the NYC in Kumasi, being a host youth. I was also praying fervently about the health safety and success of the event. Hopefully, it would be better next year.”

What were your expectations for the NYC 2020, and now for NYC 2021?
Mabel Sam, Takoradi: “I was expecting new and exciting programs that we have not seen in our regional annual youth camps. I know and believe that 2021 will be more exciting because we will have enough time to prepare ourselves financially which will increase the turnout”.
Clement Boadi, Sunyani: “My expectations were to learn some more about the church’s doctrine, and socializing much more than I have ever done. I expect to see an overwhelming number of participants and also have enough training sessions”.  
Patience Badagbor, Accra: “I have a lot of expectations because I am looking forward to things being done differently from the usual camps we have been attending. I am especially excited about the music festival and cultural displays. I heard this happens once every 10 years or more, so I am hoping for a lifetime experience next year. ”

Any suggestions for NYC 2021?
George Oppong, Dunkwa: “Our leaders should invite experts to address the issue of indecent behaviour among the youth”.
Richard Bukari, Takoradi: “I am appealing to local leaders to enhance awareness for the NYC 2021. I also hope that congregations could offer financial support for youth who would travel long distances to get to the venue. This, I believe will increase participation and attendance.”
Bernard Darko, Dunkwa: I was really looking forward to experiencing a youth camp with the District Apostle Ehrich. I hope he can still make it next year. Can we have a video call with the Chief Apostle? That would really be an awesome experience!”