The opening hymn for this special service was “On Christ’s Ascension alone”
23 May 2020

The omnipotence of God, the edification of Jesus on the day of Ascension and our task as children of God were the focal points of the Ascension Day divine service conducted by District Apostle Michael Ehrich on 21st May, 2020, via YouTube live-stream. He was assisted by District Elder Frank Herrscher

The District church leader served with the text word Ephesians 1:20-21, ‘…which He worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places, far above all principality and power and might and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in that which is to come.’

A special bible reading was read from the book of Acts 1:4-12.

“The ascension to heaven was a very important event and Jesus Christ is at the centre of this happening” remarked District Apostle Ehrich as he began his sermon. “None of us has seen the Lord with our eyes, but let us not forget how the Lord has interceded in our lives. He has not left us through His ascension; let us remember His promise, ‘I am with you always.’”

Why did Jesus come to the world? “God sent His Son to reveal His will and bring salvation to all people” he explained. “After the sin of Adam & Eve, the relationship with God was broken and Jesus came to reconcile us with God through His sacrifice.” The event of Ascension is closely linked to Good Friday, Easter and Pentecost as part of God’s redemption plan for man.

Ascension, an event of glory and edification. The Ascension is a sign of glorification and “the lifting up of the Lord back to the Father.” Jesus Christ, though true God, did not rely on His Godly rights. He submitted and humbled Himself to death, staying obedient to the will of God. As a result, God lifted Him high above all things, in heaven or earth, seen or unseen. “He went back to where He came from, to the throne of God, in fellowship with God, ‘seated at the right Hand of God’”.

Jesus still cares for our needs. “We may ask why there are so many people starving to death and why God is allowing so much pain and sorrow?” The District Apostle encouraged all to remain humble and trust God. “He is the Almighty One, and guides all things to perfection. Let us not instruct God on what to do. The ways of God are far above us.”

To be a child of God is a gift and a task.
“To be a child of God is a gift, but also a task.” As children of God we must trust God in all circumstances, we must love God above all and love our neighbours as Jesus loved us. “Let us do whatever is possible within our means to help those in sorrow and need; we are bearing the Holy Spirit within us” he said.

“God has elected us and we also shall celebrate our Ascension to heaven. This is our goal, but we have to stay close to the Lord in fellowship and with the congregation” he concluded his sermon.