The opening hymn was We Are Waiting for You, O Son of God
14 May 2020

“A mother is loving, caring, and sacrifices her own interests for the sake of her children.” These are words of adoration District Apostle Michael Ehrich said in gratitude to all mothers in a divine service conducted on the occasion of Mothers’ day, 10th May 2020. Yet, they also describe the motherly nature of God, for which all are encouraged to be God-fearing in thankfulness, trust, humility and love.

On this special occasion where children contributed musically, a text word from Psalm 103:11 was used, ‘For as the heavens are high above the earth, so great is His mercy toward those who fear Him’.

The District Church leader encouraged the congregation to assume the attributes and character of a mother towards one another in his introduction: “Let us put into practice these motherly attributes for the sake of the congregation. We must be there for each other. We must not just address ourselves as brothers and sisters, we must live it.”

“God-fearing is a pre-requisite for us to enjoy the grace of God” he began to explain the text word. To fear God means to be:

Thankful. “When we are burdened and going through tough times” he remarked, “we must not forget the good things God has done for us.” We must be thankful for:
* the sacrifice of Jesus on Good Friday that reconciled us with God
* the richness of divine services where we fellowship and celebrate Holy Communion
* the love and promises of God; His communion with us and promise of eternity  

Humble. We must proclaim our Lord and God in all humility and submission, just as Apostle Thomas did. We must never forget the majesty and holiness of God, despite His unending love and friendship with us.

The District Apostle said: “Brothers and sisters, sometimes we do not understand God and it is the same with me. However, when I remember His majesty and words in my heart, I have trust in Him. I trust that whatever He does, He does with a plan.” We may not presently understand God’s ways but there surely will be an answer in the future.

Loving of God and our neighbour. To fear God means to serve and offer ourselves unconditionally and in total love to God. It also means to love our neighbour as ourselves.

Summing up his sermon, District Apostle Ehrich asked “Where does God-fear come from?” The answer he explained is as a result of planting the word of God in our hearts and living it. Our experiences of faith also further strengthens our fear of God. We do not see things in the same worldly manner but we become like-minded in fellowship with Jesus. “This must be our task. We must be the light for others, by being God-fearing, and giving the orientation that God is still active today, in the ministry that He gave us, and He is still present. The promise that the Lord Jesus will come again is still valid.”

The divine service was assisted by Bishop Hepp and streamed via YouTube to members of the South-Germany district church.