The Strasbourg congregation building in France where the Chief Apostle served many around the world from
29 April 2020

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider conducted a divine service via YouTube and TV broadcast from our church in Strasbourg, France, on the 26th April 2020. This is the second time in two weeks, the Church leader would speak to brethren worldwide from an empty church due to the global COVID-19 pandemic era.

He read a text word from the book of John 14:5-6: ‘Thomas said to Him, “Lord, we do not know where you are going, and how can we know the way?” Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”’

In his opening remarks, the Chief Apostle shared his disappointment at not being able to celebrate the service with our South African brethren as scheduled, but nonetheless, was grateful to still experience the service in unity of spirit and prayer from his home congregation.

The Leader then went on to inspire believers to accept and follow Jesus no matter the situation, trust His words and expect eternal life with God in His kingdom.  

Jesus is the Way. Many times of our lives, we experience uncertainties, situations change unexpectedly and we do not understand the workings of God as followers of Jesus, just as the disciples also faced.  The Chief Apostle said: “Jesus is the way.” The Chief Apostle explained that, Jesus being the way means:

* We must believe, obey and trust Him – “To enter the kingdom of God, have to believe in Jesus Christ, follow Him, believe in His teaching and do His word. We need His grace and sacrifice, without Him we can do nothing.”
* We must follow His example – “He is our model and we should imitate Him.” He overcame the temptations of the evil one, suffered unjustly and loved His neighbours.

Jesus is the Truth.
The Church leader said through Jesus, God’s true nature and will were revealed to us. Also, “Jesus is the truth because His teachings are true, His words are true, He tells us the truth.” Although not always immediately evident, Jesus’ words always come true. The Chief Apostle admonished members to trust in the Lord for His word is and will remain true and fulfilled.

Jesus is the Life.
“Jesus is the living one” he explained. It also means “His life is the true life, He lived in communion with God, His Father. And that is the life He wants to give us so that we can experience fellowship with God.”  He added: “Jesus is also our spiritual life insurance in difficult days”. If we remain faithful, and act according to the will of God with love and wholeheartedly, we will not be overwhelmed by the times.

Concluding his sermon, the Chief Apostle said: “In our difficult situations, we must go the way of Jesus. We must follow His example, remain steadfast in faith, in love and in trust; whatever happens. We must trust His truth and doing so He will give us His life in His kingdom. He will help us to experience His life, having the certainty ‘God is with me’”.