Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya walking his daughter, Sister Angelina, to the altar. She is also a chorister
30 March 2020

Seventeen Apostles (14 active and 3 retired) as well as four Bishops (2 active and 2 retired) were part of the Kumasi Central congregation to observe the marriage blessing of Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya’s daughter on 14th March 2020. The ceremony was officiated by Apostle Robert Ashie-Kotei, on behalf of District Apostle Ehrich.

The wedding blessing was based on the text word Genesis 24:58, ‘Then they called Rebekah and said to her, “Will you go with this man?” And she said, “I will go.”’

Marriage requires a love of sacrifice and dedication. The background of the bible text explains that Rebekah fetched an equivalent of 530 gallons of water for the camels of Abrahams’s servant, Eliezer. Such dedication and kindness facilitated her marriage to Isaac and subsequent blessings. Again, Rebekah travelled a distance of 5,570 kilometres to meet her husband whom she had never seen. “This woman, Rebekah, performed a task that no other woman in history has done” he said. “She had never met him, yet travelled 5,570 kilometres, for the sake of love. Yet, aside all, she comforted Isaac on meeting him, because he was grieving his mother’s death.”

Marriage is a duty of many vocations. “There is no other job bigger than marriage. It is an enjoyable duty, but also requires a lot of will and endurance. Marriage is serious hard work” he remarked. He explained that amongst many others, marriage entails:
* Production – in God’s good time, the couple will produce their offspring
* Safety – at all times, the man must ensure the safety of his household
* Home keeping – round the clock, the home must be maintained and catered for
* Economic and finance planning – it requires a careful planning and use of resources
* Nursing – At all times the couple must nurse their children and each other
* Teaching and mentoring – the couple must nurture and train their children
“All jobs have a retirement age, but marriage is forever” admonished the Apostle.

Marriage requires empathy and forgiveness. “Despite the disobedience of Eve in the Garden of Eden, which brought death into the world, Adam never neglected her” he said. “Through their ejection from the Garden, Adam supported Eve and helped her through the tough times.”

Marriage requires patience and longsuffering.
The Apostle counselled, “My dear Daniel and Angie, be content with what God gives you, and patiently wait on the Lord to answer all your cares. Trust in God, and draw nearer to Him. In due time, He will manifest His glory in your lives.”

Marriage requires godly guidance and obedience. Drawing on his own experience where he declined the help of travel guide on one of his journeys to a remote congregation and eventually lost his way, he advised the couple, “Do not be like me. Marriage requires godly guidance and obedience to godly advice from your elders. Do not hesitate to seek counsel in your times of trouble. Always seek the face of God in all your moments.”

Ending the sermon, Apostle Ashie blessed the couple, “Receive the blessings of God, of peace, joy, wisdom, protection and strength. And remember, through your troubles and darkness, the Lord is with you.”

Apostle Ashie Kotei was assisted by Apostle Boakye (Nkawkaw Apostle Area).