Shepherd Nyame, rector for the Sunyani Central congregation
11 March 2020

As regularly observed around the world, Shepherd Nyame led the Sunyani Central congregation to celebrate the special divine service for the departed on Sunday 1st of March, 2020.

The text word for the service was taken from John 14: 6, “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me”.

Beginning his sermon, Shepherd Nyame encouraged all to continue to hold on to their faith and serve the Lord in all humility and in truth. He added, the key word in the commandments is love and that we should actualize this by sharing our love through visiting our neighbours, lending a helping hand when the need arises and also preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He remarked: “If you love your brother, nothing will compel you to do anything against him or envy him.”

Elaborating on the text word, Shepherd Nyame highlighted that Jesus Christ is the only way through which we can go to Heaven and that we must in all sincerity and humility follow Him as the Bible says.

“He is the Way, the Truth and the Light; no one goes to the Father but Him. We must do the wish of the Lord in all spheres of life so that even when we are done with our work on earth and depart, we shall go to Heaven and enjoy with the other saints. Christ is the Lord for both the dead and the living”, he concluded.