At the retirement of Bishop Kwabena Kyere – by District Apostle Michael Ehrich in Accra on 18th November 2018
10 March 2020

Life and Works
Bishop Kwabena Kyere was born in Berekum on the 4 of March, 1954. He travelled to Germany in the eighties where he was adopted and Holy Sealed in Hamburg Germany by District Apostle Knobloch on January 10, 1983.

Bishop Kyere returned to Ghana in the ’80s, and settled at Akim Oda. This was when the Church was in its embryonic stage. At Oda, the Bishop took upon himself to nurture the church using his resources and every other possible means to spread the doctrine of the New Apostolic Church.
He was also instrumental in the formation of the church choir, housing and taking care of the choirmasters who came from Accra. He also used his Toyota Hiace bus in conveying choristers from Akim Swedru and Adunsa, to Oda and back occasionally for choir practices. In fact. Bishop Kyere was also a chorister.

Bishop Kyere’s hallmark was hard work and dedication, loyalty, efficiency and Godly-manner with which he performed his duties and assignments.  He always beamed with smiles even when in difficult moments. He served under Apostle Robert Ashie Kotei.

He married his wife Adelaide on the 6th December, 1986 and the marriage was blessed with five children; two girls and three boys.

Even if the passing away of our late retired Bishop Kwabena Kyere was a relief for him from his long suffering of illness that compelled him to go on early retirement from the ministry, taking leave of a loved person is difficult and filled with sadness. The church extends its greatest condolence to his wife, family and all other relatives.

Bishop Kyere was ordained as follows:
* Priest in 1986
* Community Evangelist in 1998
* District Evangelist in 1991
* District Elder in 1996
* Bishop in the year 2004 by Chief Apostle Richard Ferh in Accra, for the Cape Coast Apostle Area.

On 18th November, 2018, he was placed into retirement by District Apostle Michael Ehrich in a divine service in Accra.

Call to Glory

On 12th December 2019, Bishop Kwabena Kyere was called to Glory.