Apostle George Sam
25 February 2020

It was with great joy that all the District Rectors in the Takoradi Apostle area under the leadership of Apostle George Sam met on Friday, 21st February, 2020, at the Kojokrom congregation premises.

Apostle George Sam said in his introduction, “This maiden meeting was supposed to be chaired by Lead Apostle Oppong-Brenya but because of ill health he could not make it”.

The Takoradi Working Area Apostle, together with Bishop Ampofo, held the maiden meeting with all District Leaders within the Apostle area. Below was the agenda for the meeting:
a) Filling of minister’s survey form
b) Building projects in the district and new directives from administration
c) Sexual Abuse
d) Care for the Church’s future
e) National Youth Meeting in Kumasi

Apostle George Sam took time to explain to the ministers how to fill the Ministers’ survey forms, building projects in the district and their challenges including new directives from the church administration.

On Sexual Abuse, Apostle George Sam gave an extensive tutorial on the New Apostolic Church’s position. He talked about the definition of sexual abuse, prevention to protect both the vulnerable and responsible individuals, intervention in cases of suspicion and sanction in established cases. He said: “The New Apostolic Church does not condone sexual abuse. Take the issue of sexual abuse very seriously and let all the ministers and the congregations in all the districts know that the New Apostolic Church does not tolerate sexual abuse”.

On the issue of Care for the Church’s future, Apostle George Sam reminded the ministers of the target to set up Sunday schools in all the congregations in the district. The ministers shared their challenges, with the Apostle and Bishop helping to address their concerns. He further said that the progress of the Sunday School set up will be reviewed in their next meeting.

Apostle George Sam ended the meeting by talking about the national youth meeting in Kumasi. He urged all the ministers to prepare the youth in all the congregations to make it a point to attend this year’s national youth meeting in Kumasi.