Apostle Anthony Kuada in a group picture with the choirmasters
20 February 2020

Apostle Anthony Kuada (Volta South) chaired a meeting with the choirmasters on Saturday, 15th February, 2020, at Akuse in the Battor District of Volta South Apostle area. The objective of the meeting was to strategize on how to improve and develop the various congregational choirs in the districts and Apostle Area as a whole.

Apostle Kuada expressed his heartfelt gratitude, and congratulated the choirmasters for their efforts and sacrifices in the previous year. He then continued to hold very interactive discussions with the choirmasters which largely centred on:
* Ways to motivate and inspire choristers to perform and attend choir practice
* Management skills and human relations to make choristers feel at home and comfortable in performing their duties.
* Exhibiting high standards of morals and ethical behaviour in their interactions with members of the choir especially, especially on matters of sexual conduct.
* Managing and resolving complains and conflicts as shared by some choirmasters

The meeting also focused on the preparations towards the upcoming National Youth Camp in Kumasi. The Apostle urged the choirmasters to teach all the selected hymns for the choral concert.

District Elder Thomas Afun and District Evangelist Awude were also at the meeting to assist the Apostle.

The meeting ended with a choir rehearsal with choristers in Akuse area on some of the selected hymns.