Apostle Ashie Kotei at the Altar
10 February 2020

On the 1st of January 2020, Apostle Ashie Kotei conducted a divine service and holy sealing at Akim Oda. Five congregations united for this festive occasion where 40 souls were sealed.

The Apostle read the bible verse from 2 Thessalonians 3:3, ‘But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one.’

“My beloved in Christ, today is a new year; and each new day is a precious day; therefore we must make good use of every day. Praise and honour be to the name of the Most High” the Apostle said in his opening remark.

“Our God is a true God, for He has done all His work by giving us life, hope, peace, blessings, shelter, food and delivering us from our enemies. He always intercedes on our behalf” said Apostle Ashie. “Yet, what have we done for Him?” He explained that Abraham listened to God to sacrifice his only son, out of faith and love, to God. So did Noah heed the voice of God, in faith, to build the ark. We must also wholeheartedly, in love and faith, do the work of God for His blessings.

The Apostle continued: “We can again rely and depend on God’s faithfulness this year. However, let us critically and repeatedly examine ourselves to determine whether we have also remained faithful to the Lord.” He further remarked that we can establish our faithfulness to God as follows:
* Do we apply God’s word as the benchmark for our everyday life?
* Have we remained faithful to our vows made at Confirmation and Holy Sealing?
* Have we fulfilled our duties in God’s house, no matter the difficulty?
* Do we prove our faithfulness to the Lord by bringing our offerings and our tithes?
* Do we firmly trust God in all circumstances?

The Almighty God is also faithful in strengthening us through His Word, Grace, Holy Communion as well as fellowship with Him and among ourselves.

However, we must continually practice our faith, to grow stronger in the Lord. We can also experience God in this way. In this manner, the Lord will evidently guard us from all evil, and especially that which would separate us from God.

“The Lord will guard us in all things, provided we hold firm to Him and preserve His word in us” he concluded.

District Rector Adjin and District Rector Amponsah supported in the service. Prior to this service, Apostle Ashie Kotei had sealed 132 souls in a divine service at Assin-Fosu.