District Rector Emmanuel Quansah at the altar
8 February 2020

District Rector Emmanuel Quansah of Cape Coast district conducted a marriage blessing service at the Central Church for Sister Doris Damoah, a chorister and Confirmation Class Teacher, and Brother Benedict Attipoe on Saturday 25th January, 2020.

The bible text for the service was read from Judges 18: 6; ‘And the priest said to them, “Go in peace. The presence of the LORD be with you on your way.”

The District Rector begun by explaining the context of the text word. He stated that the tribe of the Danites had asked a Priest to inquire of God if the journey to seek an inheritance to dwell in would be prosperous. This showed the importance of Priests and the need to enquire from the Lord on any venture being taken.  He added that it is now time for the couple to have a goal for their marriage, and averred “This is what they are bringing before the Lord as they are about to start their journey.”

“If anyone prior to his journey will remember that the priest is the messenger of the Lord of Host, and thus come to him in faith, then it will be as the priest said ‘…go in peace,’ then it shall be a blessing unto you, and thus; ‘…the priest blessed and comforted them, so that their journey would be prosperous’ ” the District Rector emphasized.

District Rector Emmanuel Quansah stressed that the first statement of the priest was that of peace, whiles the second was that of the presence of the Lord being with them on their way which is the promise.  Advising the couple, he further stated: “The presence of the Lord is where you will find the goal of your journey in your marriage…you are standing before the altar of God to start that journey to your goal, do not let the flesh lead you, but let God lead as you walk in His presence.”

He concluded that love is important in every marriage, “…for in it is patience, faithfulness, trust, honesty, kindness and willingness to reconcile. If you set out on your way with these important things, then the Lord will gently welcome you.”