First day – Sunday School Teachers ready to start work
23 January 2020

On the 11th and 18th of January 2020, Bishop Ampadu (retired) organized a Sunday School (SS) seminar for the teachers at the Osu, La, Teshie 1, Teshie 2 and East Legon congregations under the auspices of the District Rector Felix Adjei. The venue was at Osu.

Day One: Contents of the Seminar
On the first day, the Bishop took the class through the contents of the seminar manual which included:
* How to use the booklets "Come Lord Jesus";
* Recognising the talents of the SS teacher and also the Notes of the Chief Apostle;
* The ‘5 + 10’ commandments for a good teacher,
* The Structure of the teacher's manual and Elements of a lesson including the  associated years and related colours of the book cover, and
* Sequence – Preparation/Execution/After the lesson.

Day Two - Presentations
On the second day, the seminar started with a revision of the first day’s activities (Mourmel Round). This was satisfactorily done by the two groups formed.

Each participant was then called on to do his or her presentation on topics that were specifically selected at the previous sitting.

At the end of the presentations, participants were assessed and recommendations made for further improvement.

Bishop Ampadu promised to visit the Sunday School at the congregations of the participants to witness the implementation of the teaching method they have acquired.

Shepherd Karel Deheer (Assistant Seminar Head – Accra), was present on the second day to assist the retired Bishop.